San Diego Residents each receive 1 free SAND token. Already existing San Diego relate

Published by zackzackzack 21 Oct 2019

San Diego Residents each receive 1 free SAND token. Already existing San Diego related Twitter accounts used for distribution to locals

San Diego Residents can now get 1 SAND token and all you need is an existing twitter account with an association to San Diego, California. SAND will be used for a local city based DAC and to onboard as many local residents onto the Blockchain as possible.

I have also created the umbrella organization SANDEOS for all San Diego EOS Projects wanting help with a launchpad and creating a token and help with website and white paper consultation.

SAND is also working with TEACH on Telos I plan to use to bring to san diego city schools or private schools to allow our students and teachers to get rewarded for teaching and learning and doing homework etc.

So far you can already make posts on and get paid in SAND , or make a proposal and burn some SAND to have it show up and qualify to be upvoted for SAND proposal funding. allows San Diego locals or anyone post about local events, history or anything San Diego related to get rewarded SAND tokens.

I can only hope to bring as many local steem eos and telos users together but I am also reaching out to other blockchain groups here in SD like Ethereumsd and San Diego DAC SAC groups here:

If you have any local san diego crypto currency group for me to list on let me know in the telgram and I will be sure to reach out and provide social bounties in various valuable tokens.

To visit Sand Telegram and get tipped some SAND and pEOS tokens, go here

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