Viberate: the blockchain revolution for live music

Published by yoditaricxc3 17 Dec 2019

Viberate: the blockchain revolution for live music


Today I bring you an informative post to know about Viberate, the blockchain platform that will delight all those who participate in live music, professionals or fans. And, who doesn't like music?

Let's start, because as you will see Viberate is full of surprises.

Viberate: the next step for the musical revolution


Are you a musician, music agent, concert promoter, music producer or do you own a venue and are you linked to live music? Then Viberate is for you. It doesn't matter if you are an academic, popular or traditional musician, if you are taking your first steps in music or you are already a consecrated professional, Viberate is still for you.

There's still more! Are you a fan of music, a music lover? Viberate also awaits you to meet new talents and connect with your favorite artists; even to know what are the next events in your city or next to it. Think about organizing a trip with your friends to that music festival you've dreamed so much about. Viberate will allow you to be updated with what happens in the music of your locality and the rest of the world.

All this is possible because Viberate is the first fully decentralized blockchain platform and project, which seeks in a disruptive way to connect all those linked to live music in a transparent, fair and egalitarian way without any distinction of any kind, allowing everyone to have the same opportunities. Imagine the following:

You are a musician and you want to create in a simple way a detailed profile of you as an artist around your musical proposal, in order to have greater visibility throughout the planet to contact with possible agencies, concert promoters, music producers, artists of your tendency or even you want to promote your next concerts local and international tours worldwide. Think for a moment about the possibility you have of projecting your musical work and creating new and unexpected contact networks with different personalities of music. So, Viberate is for you.

You are an independent representative or you have a musical agency and you want to meet new and promising talents to sign them, being the first to represent them all over the planet. You can even think about the possibility of getting in touch directly with those professional musicians with whom you always wanted to work, but you have not had the opportunity to create new projects through networking. So, Viberate is for you.

You are a music promoter or producer and you need to promote the events of the musicians you work with, taking into account that you are looking to generate greater visibility for them both locally and internationally, looking for other artists, promoters, producers, audience and agents to be aware of what they are doing at the musical level to create new contacts and networks. So, Viberate is for you.

Viberate: the next revolution in the music economy


Now, if you want to go further and know other aspects of this blockchain project, I tell you that Viberate has created its own token, named VIB, which will allow to create an economic revolution in the live music industry, something unique and unprecedented to this day. This is because in the future all project participants will be able to obtain compensation for their musical work with this token, which is already present in the main and most important exchange houses (Binance, OKEx, Bittrex, HitBTC, UpBit , Livecoin, etc.), digital wallets (Jaxx), alliances with platforms such as Changelly and Bancor or with foundations such as Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, among other projects under development.

This means that the VIB token can generate significant exchange and use value for those who own it in the coming years, even generating an investment resource. This, of course, as long as you wish, it is not mandatory to use or charge for music services with your token.

There is also the option of using the token in the VIB Store for the purchase of various items linked to the project. In the future you can also buy tickets to concerts.

If you are interested in knowing more about this new musical tokeneconomy and studying the Viberate proposal in detail, I invite you to visit the website There you will find detailed information about its blockchain proposal, its token, roadmap with the upcoming events, its services, the work team behind the project, presence in the media and a blog with the most current news of Viberate.

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