Sense.Chat: the messenger of the new era

Published by yoditaricxc3 10 Sep 2019

Sense.Chat: the messenger of the new era


In the era of communications and information, we are full of applications (App) to be in contact with others. This, of course, is something wonderful, since we have several options to choose from.

The detail is that not all the App represent us in the same way. That is, not all are made to respect our right to privacy and security before the eyes of third parties (communications companies, social networks, spies, governments or computer thieves).

There are many popular applications that you will surely have on your mobile phone to communicate with your friends, family, colleagues and whoever you want, where and when you want. But many of them store this information in their central servers, they can listen or observe your conversations, use them and sell them to the highest bidder to send you announcements or any use that the companies wish to give them. All this because we allow it by not reading the fine print when accepting the terms and conditions when installing that app.

It may sound like I'm talking to you about some conspiracy theory or just exaggerating, maybe sounding paranoid. You can even tell yourself: "I have nothing to hide, check what they want". The truth is that we are few who care about the privacy and security of our communications in the era of digital technologies, but also where data (information) is the most valuable commodity, especially if it is sensitive (confidential), and I think we all have something of it to a greater or lesser degree. Think for a moment about your photos, documents, information about credit cards, money, properties, etc.

Who provides this merchandise? Any person, including you, could be giving away this data by using a messaging application so that others (Companies X) use them according to their particular interests, for which nothing is received in return more than a bombardment of advertising that pursues you online, and the most delicate, a violation of your digital rights, which in itself is a violation of a basic human right such as privacy. If you do not believe me, you can read the post Hey Dad, I need your credit card to understand what messaging services can do.

So, what can I do to avoid this?


Fortunately, not everything is lost and there are projects like Sense.Chat that put the emphasis on respecting our privacy, but also on providing security online from our smartphones when participating in a chat or video call with other people. That is, they do not store any data centrally, so everything is between you and the other person.

This is possible because Sense.Chat uses cryptography or high security encryption to protect your information combined with a technology called blockchain, which is decentralized and distributed.

This is what makes Sense.Chat a decentralized application (dApp), which works on the blockchain of a project called EOS, specialized in providing the technology so that many can build their dApps, being able, at the same time, to have your own token or cryptocurrency (digital asset).

This is how Sense.Chat has a token called SENSE and therefore a wallet integrated in the application where to manage (send, receive and store) this currency, which you can obtain through the channels that the Sense.Chat team indicates to you in his post How to Earn & Share SENSE.

In other words, you have an application that offers privacy, security, a wallet and the possibility of entering the future of the digital economy by using your own digital asset, in principle to send it to other users who use the application.

When communicating with others you can do it through a video call, using private chat or participate in public chats where you can find Sense.Chat users from around the world to participate in contests and activities to win SENSE, clarify doubts or just interact with other people.

If you are a technology enthusiast and want to learn more about how Sense.Chat works from a technical point of view, I invite you to read Sense Chat Tech.

Throughout 2019 there will be more features and updates. Some of them were already announced in his post Sense.Chat Update.

Do not worry if you do not know anything about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, this will not prevent you from using Sense.Chat, since it is for all types of users.

All you have to do is visit their website from where you can download the application for iOS or Android, follow the instructions carefully and you are ready, you can enjoy the benefits of Sense.Chat. Just remember to save the information indicated and place a security PIN, which you should never forget in order to access the application.

Video about Sense Chat - A Decentralized Video Messenger with Built-In Token Wallet

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