My Story in pixEOS

Published by yoditaricxc3 16 Oct 2019

My Story in pixEOS


Every so often, something that gives an unexpected turn appears in a person's life, that which whispers in your ear and tells you: the time is near.

I don't mean the end times or the apocalypse, although depending on who looks at it it could be. In my particular case I mean stumbling with pleasure in projects that change your life for good, offering a new perspective of it to enjoy new colors, sensations and ways to vibrate with your environment.

I'm talking about something that gives you a new purpose, a twist that makes you think outside the box, break the routine, that conventional thing that binds you and gradually immerses you in a dream you don't want to wake up from.

This divergent way of seeing life is written in one word: BLOCKCHAIN. All of it with capital letters, because that's how big the impact on my life has been for me, which also unfolds in the art world.

As a curious thing in those paths that I have traveled through the various projects of the blockchains, I managed to run into EOS or EOS Universe as I say, since this blockchain is a multiverse, an ocean of universes that transcend the imagination, the reality of the possible, to immerse yourself in an infinity of perceptions, where you enjoy the diverse faces that your world can have. This happens especially when you run into a proposal based on this technology and incidentally called pixEOS.

pixEOS is a window to the imagination, where gamification and art come together to talk about a future not only new, but different and possible. Of those that you dream, but that you don't think you ever know. And I am not exaggerating, because I can already tell you that there is a pixEOS experience, one that I am living, one that challenges me, makes me dream, has fun, makes me laugh, but above all it allows me to believe that a world of opportunities it's possible.

As a person who lives in the art world, pixEOS is that adventure that allows you to create a bridge between tradition and the avant-garde. Where art and play of past decades meets the future of tokeneconomy. Curious crossing by the way, because we could think and dream that with pixEOS the generation gap has been broken, in which children and adults can share equally the era of gamers and the digital economy, where the first was born with Arcade machines and then it was projected in the world of computer science. All this in one that interconnects us and allows us to transcend in a shared way in a constant creative co-evolution based on the meaning and authentic meaning of making community.

Just take a walk through the pixeosHUB where you can find the Game Center to play the best Arcade style of the 21st century; the Avatar Maker, to make your own pixelated avatar; Shop pixeos, in which you can acquire the works of art made by users; and even invest pixels when painting in pixEOS Paint, an experience that crosses art, gamification and investment in a single space. And this is just an opening to what is to come in a universe full of color and imagination. One that has allowed me to imagine and dream.

Talking about community in pixEOS is not anything. It is to share interests, needs, tastes, fun, laughs, sense of solidarity, respect and understanding, but also to feel winners just by being part of the pixEOS experience, one that when you enter it does not let you escape, since you seduces and falls in love by allowing you to meet that child who lives in each of us, the one who is still a dreamer and who knows how to have fun with the simple things in life.

pixEOS is the story that is about to be written, one that we can write among everyone, each one from their space and feel, contributing with their participation in multiple ways and at different levels of online and offline existence.

pixEOS is your own way of narrating the world in the form of pixels, those that connect us to the very origin of computing, now in blockchain language. Where it could now be said that creativity and play are encouraged, but, in turn, these are a way of encouraging community creation and participation in a distributed and decentralized economy.

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