Writer. Musician. Composer. Worker. Creative type stuck in the web of 9-5 work and dreaming of an open horizon.
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It's no accident that the EOS community is collaborative, supportive and friendly: until now, the incentive system for Block Producers (B...
WomWhisperer womwhisperer 15 Aug 2019
My crypto journey started in 2017 just after a single Bitcoin seemed to become unaffordable for most people - it was still under $1000 bu...
WomWhisperer womwhisperer 15 Aug 2019
When listening to podcasts, or reading blogs about why developers move from other chains to EOS (or why they choose EOS from the get go),...
WomWhisperer womwhisperer 23 Jul 2019
I love to write. I love the open possibilities. Words can form any story, can paint any image.
WomWhisperer womwhisperer 26 May 2019