Introducing Upland: The Virtual Property Game Built On The EOS Blockchain

Published by 13 Jun 2019

Introducing Upland: The Virtual Property Game Built On The EOS Blockchain

The Ownership Revolution is coming 🏠🌎

We are excited to announce the launch of Upland, a brand new gaming experience that’s revolutionizing what you can do with digital property.

Upland is currently inviting early adopters to join its wait list to gain first access to the BETA version. Anyone who becomes an Uplander by owning property before our main launch later this year will receive a special “Pioneer” status in the game.

What is Upland?

Built at the intersection of the real and virtual world, Upland gives you the power to buy, sell and trade virtual properties based on real-world addresses, just like the one you live at today… but in the virtual world. The digital properties you collect in Upland don’t have any association or rights to the correlating properties in the real world, however, the addresses do mirror real-life locations. Upland’s economy is powered by an in-game currency called UPX (pronounced “UP-EX”). More on that a little later…

Getting started

Our Founders edition kicks off in sunny San Francisco, California. To prepare for the upcoming game, you will be able to use the map interface to directly purchase from Upland’s first release of properties. We want Upland to be accessible for absolutely everyone, even your no-coiner friends, so we’ll be accepting USD$ in the beginning to simplify the process. There are some rare and iconic properties included in the Founders edition, which will become more important later when the game launches.

Many more awesome features will be added with the launch of the game. First, we will add the Marketplace, which will allow Uplanders to buy and trade properties. The Marketplace will also be complemented by the introduction of UPX, so you will also be able to buy and sell using the in-game currency.

Once you own a property in Upland, you can start earning a yield on it, which will be sent to your account in UPX. Pretty nifty, right?💰🤑

After the official game launches, the Marketplace will be the only place you will be able to directly select properties for purchase. However, you can still discover and purchase new properties using your roaming Upland avatar.

Your Upland avatar will roam San Francisco for you at random, and the most recent properties it visits will be available for you to purchase. You can also control your avatar’s location by sending it to one of your owned properties. Your avatar will also allow you to acquire properties around your real-life physical location. These location-based property discovery mechanics will support you in completing Upland’s coveted Collections.

Collections are one of the core game mechanics in Upland. You can receive special UPX rewards and increase the yield of your properties by completing a Collection. For instance, if you complete the “Mission Street Collection” your yield earnings will increase on all the properties you own that are part of the Collection.

You’ll also be able to acquire properties which are off the market through Mystery Property Packs, available to purchase in the Upland store. Property Packs contain multiple properties that are guaranteed to be part of a selected Collection, which can help you boost your portfolio earnings.

What makes Upland different?

Because it’s powered by blockchain technology, the property you collect in Upland is truly yours. You can sell it. Trade it. Keep it forever. Whatever you wish–it’s 100% yours!

Unlike traditional collectibles, so-called non-fungible tokens (NFTs) offer true ownership, with provable scarcity and authenticity. Each digital property on Upland is completely unique and visible on the EOS Blockchain.

We have also worked hard to make the complex technicalities of the underlying blockchain technology invisible to the player, and to make the game accessible to play using fiat currency for both acquiring and selling assets. We eliminated the traditional barriers which typically stop people entering the blockchain space, like setting up a crypto wallet. We also simplified our sign-up process where players only need their email address to get started.

Whether you want to focus on owning virtual real estate, have fun developing your properties once the game progresses or just admire your unique collectibles, with Upland you have the power to create an exhilarating new reality on the blockchain.

The Ownership Revolution is coming…

Upland is developed by Uplandme, Inc., a company based in Silicon Valley. The founders are the serial entrepreneurs Mani Honigstein, Dirk Lueth and Idan Zuckerman. The three friends came up with the idea at one of their game and movie nights when they played Monopoly and watched the Netflix series “Stranger Things”. They combined the idea with the new opportunities that blockchain technology presents, and in particular, the innovations that can be achieved with so-called non-fungible tokens, which weren’t possible before now.

Uplandme, Inc. is funded by Finlab EOS VC Fund with the participation of several angel investors. FinLab EOS VC Fund is a venture capital fund backed by both, the publisher of the blockchain protocol EOSIO, and FinLab AG, one of Europe’s largest company builders and investors focused on financial services technologies.

Upland will employ a franchise system as it expands around the world. Are you interested in taking over and operating a country, a state, a city, or rural area to run the Upland game? Please contact indicating which area you are interested in acquiring, your qualifications and motivation to undertake the task.

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