Guía Básica de Supervivencia Digital 2021
Perry Shenas grahappaaaaa 18 Jan 2021 | Tech
2021 Basic Digital Survival Guide
Español This guide is intended to provide constructive suggestions to help people stay safely connected to friends and family during...
Perry Shenas grahappaaaaa 18 Jan 2021 | Tech
Heres why computation is more valuable than data
‘Data is the new oil’ is probably one of the most flaunted phrases used in the past.
Satoshi's Castle illuminati.e 21 Nov 2019 | Tech
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likeeosruss1 30 Sep 2019 | Tech
Sense Chat Challenge For Shipple Community
Take the Sense Chat Challenge:
stellabelle magicunicorn 24 Jul 2019 | Tech
EOS DNS: Use Your EOS Account Name as a Decentralized Domain Name
If you guys have an EOS account, you can use it as a decentralized domain on the EOS blockchain. Yes, every single account on the EOS mai...
Satoshi's Castle illuminati.e 2 Jul 2019 | Tech
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Krenski Stolichnaya krenskistoli 31 May 2019 | Tech