Dogecoin: looking for Shiba Inu
Dogecoin is one of those cryptocurrencies that causes curiosity about the internet meme on which it is based (DOGE) and that represents i...
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September update – Granita
RSS feeds for all blogs and trending feeds and a javascript library for integrating Decentium into your app or website.
Decentium Crew decentiumcrw 24 Sep | Decentium
My first post ... I am Eos user from day one, trader and business owner .
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A new blog dedicated to those who are ready to even the playing field, if only just a bit. I have been watching crypto since it's infa...
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Mark Twain, the phenomenon
I arrived with the comet Halley in 1835 and next year the comet again passes near Earth so hopefully I will go next to him; I look forwar...
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November 13th, a bloody date
The other day while reading a summary of news, including that of the terrible attack perpetrated in Barcelona by that gang of intransigen...
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Boid is improving the EOS account creation process
The vision behind Boid has always been as a platform that helps to bridge blockchains and distributed computing technology to a broad aud...
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Your EOS Account In Safe Mode
Put your EOS account in safe mode by locking down your staked EOS with a single permission that still allows you to seamlessly enjoy dApps.
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Google is under fire after a report found that Google Home and Google Assistant records user audio, even when no wake-up word is used. Go...
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Klawing Jasper EOS (2)
Greyish Klawing chestahedron
EOS Gemstones gemstoneseos 8 Jul | Decentium
She Wears Your Skulls on Her Belt
Mol is leaving the burning city behind with only a magpie for company.
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What is Decentium?
What Decentium is, why you should be excited about it and answers to common questions.
Decentium Crew decentiumcrw 20 Jun | Decentium
The following will posit that there is value in Studying how to apply Permaculture Design Science to the Study and Application of Blockch...
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Hey! I'm always excited to try and test new content creation platforms on the blockchain and today I had the opportunity of stumble upon...
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Facebook finally published their whitepaper for their cryptocurrency 'Libra' together with who they work with to bring their asset to a g...
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Elliott Wave and Me
This post explains how I use the Elliott Wave theory to evaluate markets. This serves as a reference post for all future posts on Decentium.
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My Kung Fu 1st Degree Black Belt Test 2 Minutes of Highlights
2 minutes of highlights from my Shaolin Kung Fu Black Belt test.
scottermonky scottermonky 17 Jun | Decentium
Recent discoveries around the many benefits of micro-dosing of LSD and psilocybin have led to offshoot research in related fields of study.
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More use cases for EOS! Decentium is sure to take over from Medium as the next blogging platform for EOS content.
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