November 13th, a bloody date
The other day while reading a summary of news, including that of the terrible attack perpetrated in Barcelona by that gang of intransigen...
Dresden EOS guztqmbrgege 18 Aug | Decentium
Boid is improving the EOS account creation process
The vision behind Boid has always been as a platform that helps to bridge blockchains and distributed computing technology to a broad aud...
John Heeter at Boid johnatboid11 5 Aug | Decentium
Your EOS Account In Safe Mode
Put your EOS account in safe mode by locking down your staked EOS with a single permission that still allows you to seamlessly enjoy dApps.
EOS New York eosnewyorkio 17 Jul | Decentium
Google is under fire after a report found that Google Home and Google Assistant records user audio, even when no wake-up word is used. Go...
SunnyMan gu4tonbyg4ge 11 Jul | Decentium
Klawing Jasper EOS (2)
Greyish Klawing chestahedron
EOS Gemstones gemstoneseos 8 Jul | Decentium
She Wears Your Skulls on Her Belt
Mol is leaving the burning city behind with only a magpie for company.
River Flows riverflowss1 7 Jul | Decentium
What is Decentium?
What Decentium is, why you should be excited about it and answers to common questions.
Decentium Crew decentiumcrw 20 Jun | Decentium
The following will posit that there is value in Studying how to apply Permaculture Design Science to the Study and Application of Blockch...
Ernest of Gaia lotusdogpham 20 Jun | Decentium
Hey! I'm always excited to try and test new content creation platforms on the blockchain and today I had the opportunity of stumble upon...
Flocculent jungleonion1 18 Jun | Decentium
Facebook finally published their whitepaper for their cryptocurrency 'Libra' together with who they work with to bring their asset to a g...
Julian Dreier gy4tmnzsgene 18 Jun | Decentium
Elliott Wave and Me
This post explains how I use the Elliott Wave theory to evaluate markets. This serves as a reference post for all future posts on Decentium.
RyanWilday orindacrypto 18 Jun | Decentium
My Kung Fu 1st Degree Black Belt Test 2 Minutes of Highlights
2 minutes of highlights from my Shaolin Kung Fu Black Belt test.
scottermonky scottermonky 17 Jun | Decentium
Recent discoveries around the many benefits of micro-dosing of LSD and psilocybin have led to offshoot research in related fields of study.
Scotter gy4tqmrygene 15 Jun | Decentium
More use cases for EOS! Decentium is sure to take over from Medium as the next blogging platform for EOS content.
cryptotim.x 13 Jun | Decentium
You cannot fake EOS transactions & EOS doesn't care about their intent
A response to's report on bot driven activity on EOS.
EOS New York eosnewyorkio 12 Jun | Decentium
The Blockchain and The Banks in Transactions
The Banks have been our mode of saving for a very long time. Also, they have helped when it comes to buying with debit and credit card. I...
Babarimisato babarimisato 13 Jun | Decentium
[EOS Proxy vote] 프록시 보팅 설명방법 및 소개
Image Source : EOS 메인넷에 계정을 소유하고 있는 EOS 토큰 홀더라면 누구든지 토큰 스테이킹(또는 REX전환)을 통해 블록프로듀서(BPs) 후보들에게 직접 투표권을 행사할 수...
dONe steemdonekim 13 Jun | Decentium
[EOS Proxy vote] 프록시 투표 운영을 시작합니다
안녕하세요, 디온입니다. 오늘부터 정식으로 EOS메인넷 BP후보 프록시 투표 운영을 시작합니다. 이오스 메인넷의 정식 런칭을 축하하며 이런저런 잡다한 포스팅들을 적어대던 것이 불과 엊그제 같은데, 어느덧 이오스 메인넷 런칭 1주년이 다가오고 있...
dONe steemdonekim 13 Jun | Decentium
June update – The Ventriloquist
First update! Improved UI, better URLs, publish edits to posts and share your drafts.
Decentium Crew decentiumcrw 11 Jun | Decentium
Testing testing. This looks good.
Donkey Hunter donkeyhunter 1 Jun | Decentium