New Gateway Drug To EOS: Shipple
Everything you wanted to know about the new meme coin community Shipple but were too afraid to ask.
stellabelle magicunicorn 7 Jul 2019 | Blockchain
Change in #PineRidge Reservation, One Plant, One Step at a Time
Become an Investor in the Indigenous Wisdom & Permaculture Skills Convergence, in August on #pineRidge Reservation. Buy an Investor Ticke...
Ernest of Gaia lotusdogpham 5 Jul 2019 | Blockchain
Newdex Staking Pool has launched. What is it, how does it work and is it vote buying?
Today, we’re going to be talking about newdex’s staking pool called Newpos which just recently launched. So what exactly is it? It is a...
Satoshi's Castle illuminati.e 26 Jun 2019 | Blockchain
Is Bitcoin Preparing to Breakout?
Bitcoin seems to have confirmed a bullish ascending triangle pattern. That does suggest a break up, targeting approximately $9,750. This...
Workin rjetunited12 20 Jun 2019 | Blockchain
The Importance of Decentralized Debate
As many others, my gut reaction to the announcement of Voice was disappointment. However, deep down, beneath my pretty thick layer of nai..
EOSmastering eosmaster1ng 17 Jun 2019 | Blockchain
The Missing Piece to the EOS Incentive Model: Part 2
As a result of this proposal being implemented, we expect strong incentives to organically encourage more token-holders to vote once a week
EOS New York eosnewyorkio 17 Jun 2019 | Blockchain
Subjective-Value Theory - Bitcoin and Friends | Episode 2
gy4dembzhege 17 Jun 2019 | Blockchain
Dan Larimer's 200% Decentralized Social Media Network
The latest thing to add to the list of things that Dan Larimer is working on is a “200% decentralised social media” network that is not h...
cryptotim.x 16 Jun 2019 | Blockchain
Everyone Deserves a Real Voice.
During the last US presidential election cycle both sides claimed election fraud which deepened the fissure that is our political discour...
Perry Shenas grahappaaaaa 17 Jun 2019 | Blockchain
Direct Democracy, Direct Economy
Imagine a diverse, borderless nation that includes a Universal Basic Income for all of its citizens. UBI that is not treated as a “hand-o...
J. Kelsey jeromekelsey 15 Jun 2019 | Blockchain
Freedom of speech and the blockchain as a solution
Freedom of speech is in danger. Internet crackdown, social media moderation, suppression of free press, journalists killing and harassmen...
Aneta Karbowiak eosnetworkxx 13 Jun 2019 | Blockchain
The potential of DAO
Brock Pierce talks about DAO/C and their potential.
absurdshibin 15 Jun 2019 | Blockchain
The Epoch Revisited
In the UNIX/Linux worlds, the epoch/timeZero/The Time Before Which Nothing Happened has traditionally been, by definition, 00:00:00 Janua...
eurekamobile 14 Jun 2019 | Blockchain
pEOS Wallet Preview
pEOS Logo Thanks to Rob at Cypherglass for posting this video. Be nice. This is a very crude attempt to che...
SighMan sighmanjesta 14 Jun 2019 | Blockchain
온라인 사회(Social)을 꿈꾸는 블록원의 VOICE™
블록원의 보이스가 발표되고 EOS 커뮤니티 외부에서는 이것을 단순히 컨텐츠 댑 수준의 SNS로만 보는 시각 이상의 견해는 찾아보기 힘들다. 그도 그럴 것이 보이스는 수많은 고민이 녹아든 철저히 전략적인 무기인 셈이고 이 속에 함의된 요소들은 EO...
Devin Lee eosevandevin 13 Jun 2019 | Blockchain
Basically this is my first and probably my last post here on decentium, but since everyone is taking about this new "medium" killer I gav...
Henrik cptbarryseal 13 Jun 2019 | Blockchain
My first blog on Eos blockchain : )
mynameistoby 13 Jun 2019 | Blockchain
Cypherglass & Morpheus Labs announce an Educational Partnership!
Morpheus Labs Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS) are one of the top emerging technology solutions providers that can support greate...
Cypherglass cypherglassx 12 Jun 2019 | Blockchain
WhaleEx Exclusive Interview with Brian Du, BD Manager
Insights and opinions on WhaleEx EOS based Exchange. One of the largest decentralized exchanges on EOS mainnet.
BitcoinQuest bcquesteos22 12 Jun 2019 | Blockchain