Dan Larimer's 200% Decentralized Social Media Network
The latest thing to add to the list of things that Dan Larimer is working on is a “200% decentralised social media” network that is not h...
cryptotim.x 16 Jun | Blockchain
Everyone Deserves a Real Voice.
During the last US presidential election cycle both sides claimed election fraud which deepened the fissure that is our political discour...
Perry Shenas grahappaaaaa 17 Jun | Blockchain
Direct Democracy, Direct Economy
Imagine a diverse, borderless nation that includes a Universal Basic Income for all of its citizens. UBI that is not treated as a “hand-o...
J. Kelsey jeromekelsey 15 Jun | Blockchain
Freedom of speech and the blockchain as a solution
Freedom of speech is in danger. Internet crackdown, social media moderation, suppression of free press, journalists killing and harassmen...
Aneta eosnetworkxx 13 Jun | Blockchain
The potential of DAO
Brock Pierce talks about DAO/C and their potential.
absurdshibin 15 Jun | Blockchain
The Epoch Revisited
In the UNIX/Linux worlds, the epoch/timeZero/The Time Before Which Nothing Happened has traditionally been, by definition, 00:00:00 Janua...
eurekamobile 14 Jun | Blockchain
pEOS Wallet Preview
pEOS Logo https://youtu.be/Ng6dpvMBahY Thanks to Rob at Cypherglass for posting this video. Be nice. This is a very crude attempt to che...
SighMan sighmanjesta 14 Jun | Blockchain
온라인 사회(Social)을 꿈꾸는 블록원의 VOICE™
블록원의 보이스가 발표되고 EOS 커뮤니티 외부에서는 이것을 단순히 컨텐츠 댑 수준의 SNS로만 보는 시각 이상의 견해는 찾아보기 힘들다. 그도 그럴 것이 보이스는 수많은 고민이 녹아든 철저히 전략적인 무기인 셈이고 이 속에 함의된 요소들은 EO...
Devin Lee eosevandevin 13 Jun | Blockchain
Basically this is my first and probably my last post here on decentium, but since everyone is taking about this new "medium" killer I gav...
Henrik cptbarryseal 13 Jun | Blockchain
My first blog on Eos blockchain : )
mynameistoby 13 Jun | Blockchain
Cypherglass & Morpheus Labs announce an Educational Partnership!
Morpheus Labs Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS) are one of the top emerging technology solutions providers that can support greate...
Cypherglass cypherglassx 12 Jun | Blockchain
WhaleEx Exclusive Interview with Brian Du, BD Manager
Insights and opinions on WhaleEx EOS based Exchange. One of the largest decentralized exchanges on EOS mainnet.
BitcoinQuest bcquesteos22 12 Jun | Blockchain
EOSIO Labs™ Release: iOS and Chrome Extension Authenticator Reference Applications
https://medium.com/eosio/eosio-labs-release-ios-and-chrome-extension-authenticator-reference-applications-d5cf900f7b00 📲💻
Max_Cho maxmaxmaxmac 30 May | Blockchain