What If We Saw What's Really Important

Published by samugonewild 16 Aug 2019

What if we live in a world where we are able to see the success of others as our own success, an achievement of another as our own achievement, and the dreams of another as our own dream?

With the help of psychedelics, more specifically entheogens, more and more people are becoming aware of their powerful potential to heal and to awaken us through enlightenment.

We can collectively reach a state of consciousness where we see the big picture and realize nobody will truly be happy sustainably unless we're all happy. What comes around goes around, which doesn't begin with our actions, but as early as thought and intention.

This paradigm shift in mentality, as a lens to view reality with full conviction in our daily lives, is what is able to fuel such a great shift in the outer physical world. We are at that most important frontier near the end, a discovery back to Source, our universe within.

What if we saw just how magical the universe really is, and to realize that every fragment of our consciousness and experience is also a part of the universe, an expression of infinity and eternity.

This hyper-dimensional wisdom, combined with new decentralized technology is where the real potential for good can happen. We can literally code our reality into existence now! But first, it would be wise to consider what would be ideal. We would need to get in touch with our own true ideals, and to ask ourselves humbly if there are any limitations to our ideal for how much we believe is possible. What do we truly care about and what are our values? What if we can shift and align these values and priorities to be in harmony with the universe?

Technology is an extension of our collective consciousness, a virtual mirror of our inner world for us to interact with. Entheogens and technology are powerful and are good for each other, in the wisdom and impact it can produce in our world.