A.C.E.S. – Project

Published by richandbored 14 Jun 2019

A.C.E.S. – Project

Cryptogames and how they can help reducing poverty

by ashman - 14.06.2019

The worldwide revenue of companies within the online gaming sector is expected to exceed 12.7 billion dollars in 2019 wth a growing userbase of roughly 700 million players.

Well, i think, i dont have to tell u that a big chunk of these revenues and userbase is most likely to move over to the cryptogames segment. Not only because it is a trustless system and therefore a much mure secure system.

No, the real power of cryptogames and the revolutionary potential comes with the fact that all ingame assets like armor, skins, weapons and ingame currency are convertable into other cryptocurrencies and into real fiat cash.

With the new coinbase debit card – afaik its the only one supporting EOS right now – u can sell the armor of ur EOS-knight and just a few minutes later u can buy a cup of coffee somewhere in the world with it.

A long cerished dream comes true. Virtual wealth gained by playing video games becomes real!

What does this mean for the topic of this article?

In the year 2019 the world pupulation is roughly around 7.6 billion humans. According to worldbank.org nearly half of them live in poverty with an income of less then 5.50 dollars per day which is barely enough to cover the expensives for food and other existential needs.

However, the use of smartphones and tablets is widespread despite poverty.

For this reason crypto games can play an important role in reducing poverty. For a person living in poverty, who is participating in crypto games and earning money with them this can mean a significant improvement in their quality of life.

All what is needed for them is time, a proper internet connection and a smartphone. Only the lack of knowledge about cryptogames and the use of cryptocurrencies is what keeps them from doing so.

For this reason, I would like to build a group of ideally 10 veterans crypto users and 20 completely ignorant in this area with the aim to educate the newcomers in the use of cryptocurrencies and enable them to generate an income by playing crypto games.

The organisation of this group will be like u prabably know it from playergroups (guilds) in mmo or mmorpg and the medium for communication and coordination of temactions will be a discord server.

The first subject – gamewise – will be the prospectors.io game which is currently in the open beta and officially starts on 29th of june.

If you like to participate in this project, as an expert or a newbie, so feel invited and please contact me via telegram: ashmanns

Below u can find a little FaQ about the prospectors.io game which i spread through social media to crypto ignorant persons to raise their interest.

Have a great day and good luck to u all.

Prospectors.io - FaQ

1 What is prospectors?

Prospectors is a massive multiplayer online economic strategy game that runs on the EOS blockchain. Starting this game u will find urself in the early 19th century as a settler in an unexplored land thrilled by the recent rumors of tremendous gold discoveries right under under ur feets. Get ur pickaxe and go to work!

2 What do i need to play the game?

Prospectors is a browser game, that runs on every modern browser like chrome or firefox. It should even run on a smartphone, though i havnt tested it yet. Other then that ull need a google or facebook account to verify and an account on the EOS blockchain. The Eos account for the game will be given to u by the team leader.

Our team will coordinate its action in a discord channel, so ull need an account for this aswell.

3 How much does it costs to pay the game?

Prospectors is absolutely free to play for u. No subscription fee, no cash shop, no need to invest anything -never.

4 How much money can i make with this game?

To be honest, i have no clue. It depends on so many variables. To give u a rough idea - the whole gold ingame that players can mine on their lots has a worth of 110 million PGL. Prospectors Gold (PGL) is a cryptocurrency with a value of 0.25 US-Dollar per unit as for 10th of june 2019. So there are 27.5 million Dollar obtainable in the game and spreaded among the whole player base. Though, it is expected that this value will decrease drasticaly as soon as players start to mine and sell PGL on the markets.

5 How much time do i need to spend for the game?

Prospectors is not much time consuming. U can almost play it remotely with giving ur workers orders for several hours.

6 Why should i play this game?

Like in many other online video games u can obtain an ingame currency which is “Gold”. But what makes it very special is the fact that this “Gold” is convertible into a cryptocurrency and that means it can be exchanged for any other cryptocurrency like bitcoin or in fiat currencies like $$$.

To sum it up:

  • it costs u nothing to play it

  • u dont need to invest a tremendous amount of time

  • all u need is a good internet connection and a running machine

  • u can participate in a new, groundbreaking tech sector and learn something about it

  • u can enjoy a cool community and great teamwork

  • and as it wouldnt be enough u can even make money out of it!

7 How do i learn to play the game?

Currently the game is still in its beta phase and will not official launch before 29th of june. So there is still time to practice and to try out. If u have any questions just shout out in the discord chat, im sure ull get some help. Also tutorials via skype are possible. Alltough, its not rocked science, im sure ull figure it out soon.

8 How do i convert the ingame currency into real cash?

There many ways for u to buy u a cup of coffee or a beer from the hard mining work on the plots, but the most convinient way as i think is following:

mine the gold → redeem it for the cryptocurrency PGL in the game → exchange the PGL for EOS at newdex.io → send EOS to ur coinbase account → sell EOS for US-Dollars → send the US-Dollars from Coinbase to ur bankaccount → go to an atm and get cash.

9 Why shall i play prospectors in a team?

Due to the game mechanics, the individual success depends a lot on good teamwork. The better it is, the more u will earn. And ofc, its more fun :)

10 How will the profit be distributed among the members of the team?

20% from the team generated profits will go into a fund, our battlechest, for funding future A.C.E.S. projects. For example making investments into a new upcoming game or funding EOS accounts for new members.

80% of the team profits will be distributed equally between all members.

Im well aware of the fact that some members will work for the team like mining robots, while others are lazy bums. Ill adres this matter with time.

11 What will come after prospectors?

The online gaming sector is a fast growing 12.7 billion dollar industry with a user base of nearly 700 millions. It is very predictable, that a big chunk of this will move into the crypto gaming sector due to its superiority in several aspects.

prospectors is one of the very first game of its kind, created by a very small team in a short period of time for development compared to current blockbuster games. Therefore u might feel remembered to an old amiga 500 game, when u play it. But development and technology will advance and its only a question of time until cryptogames will take over. I cant say u for now what will come after prospectors, but it will be huge.

12 What shall i do next?

What about taking a look into the game? Ull find it at prospectors.io

There is a tutorial at youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDmpVQZ6DKA

After a short videochat ill gladly toss u an invite for our discord channel where well coordinate our actions for the game.