Introducing POW Ecosystem: an algorithmic platform that distributes all created value

Published by powmarketing 12 Dec 2019

Introducing POW Ecosystem: an algorithmic platform that distributes all created value to users

In our first post, we explain what the name POW Ecosystem means and how it uses algorithms to reallocate value among users

You might be familiar with the acronym POW. It means “proof of weak hands”: in the world of crypto, users who can’t hold on to their assets and sell them are considered to have “weak hands”. By contrast, having strong hands means HODLing your crypto — that is, holding to it for a long time. Most crypto assets tend to rise in value over the course of several years, so users with stronger hands usually win in the end.

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The problem with holding onto most crypto coins is that they don’t bring you any gain until you sell them. They just lie there in your wallet. You can’t easily make your crypto work for you like you would do with money in a deposit account.

POW Ecosystem is very different. It’s a platform that rewards all users for holding on to their tokens. As long as you own some POW tokens, you’ll receive a share in all the revenue that the platform generates. It’s as if you could get a percentage of all the profits earned by your bank.

The principle behind POW Ecosystem is both very simple and very powerful. We don’t pre-mine tokens — instead, new POW are created whenever a user places a buy order. Similarly, tokens are burned when you sell them back to the platform. Every transaction generates a dividend, equal to 10% of the order value.

All the dividends are shared among POW token holders. How many tokens you hold determines which share of the dividends you’ll get. Clearly, users with the strongest hands get the highest rewards. There’s one more advantage to having a larger stake: you can participate in the affiliate program and get even more dividends. In our next posts, we’ll explain in detail how it functions.

POW Ecosystem is built on the EOS blockchain. This makes our platform is incredibly fast. There’s no risk that the POW dApp will lag or freeze when user activity levels spike. Also, all dividends automatically accrue in EOS.

The process of minting and burning tokens, as well as their nominal price, are governed by smart contracts. The platform’s operations are completely automated: we as the administration aren’t involved in any way. It took us months to develop the algorithms that could ensure that the system remains stable regardless of the number of users or turnover.

The result if the POW dApp — a single lightweight app that leverages all the features of the POW Ecosystem. You can buy, sell, or transfer your tokens, withdraw dividends, view your referral statistics, track trading volumes, and so on.

POW Ecosystem is already up and running — so you can register and start earning dividends right now. Access our dApp here