POW Ecosystem advantages and architecture: how EOS makes our platform possible

Published by powmarketing 20 Dec 2019

POW Ecosystem advantages and architecture: how EOS makes our platform possible

In this post, we explain why we chose to build on EOS — and list the numerous advantages that POW Ecosystem has over most crypto exchanges and value allocation projects.

Ethereum may have the most dApps built on it, but it doesn’t make it the best platform for decentralized applications. Quite the contrary: Ethereum is slow, costly, and inefficient. A spike in user activity in one app can bring the whole network to a halt, like it occurred with the game CryptoKitties a couple of years ago. Every transaction is subject to a gas fee. Finally — and most importantly — it take several minutes to confirm every operation.

EOS has none of these drawbacks. First of all, it’s exceptionally fast for a blockchain: on standard equipment, it can process up to 2500 transactions per second. In terms of speed, it’s on par with Mastercard and Visa. On top-grade equipment, EOS reaches an incredible 4000 tps — faster than the best payment processing systems in traditional finance.

Second, EOS doesn’t charge any blockchain fees. EOS is a slightly inflationary currency, with the supply increasing by 1% a year. These coins are paid to block producers as staking rewards, so there’s no need for gas fees.

The speed, scalability and zero fees are the three factors that made us choose EOS as the blockchain for POW Ecosystem.

Apart from these advantages, our platform has other benefits compared to the majority of crypto projects:

  1. All created value is distributed among POW token holders: every transaction generates dividends, and your share in the dividend depends on the amount of POW you hold.

  2. All changes in the price and token supply are governed by the smart contract: the system is extremely stable and can’t be tampered with by anyone;

  3. All operations are transparent and verifiable — you aren’t transferring your money into a “black box”, like it happens with ICOs or cloud mining platforms.

  4. Every POW token is fully backed by EOS in the smart contract, giving it features of a stablecoin: there is no risk of sudden volatility;

  5. Your staked tokens yield constant benefits in the form of dividends: it’s much more profitable than simply HODLing of other crypto.

  6. You can convert POW into POWx and sell them on a third-party exchange at any time, so you have the best of both worlds: the internal stability of the ecosystem and the gain from the growing price in the general market.

  7. The mathematical algorithms behind the ecosystem have been carefully calculated to guarantee stability in the long term. The system can work indefinitely without any involvement on the part of the administration.

  8. Dividends accumulate automatically, and you can withdraw them any time.

  9. The platform is already fully operational and doesn’t require any additional funding or development. Compare this with ICO projects that take years to develop and usually fail to produce any valuable product.

Our dApp already has all the necessary features — from wallet integration to dividend withdrawals. In just a few short steps, you’ll be able to get an EOS account (if you don’t have one yet), load it with some EOS, and buy POW. As soon as you purchase some tokens, you’ll start earning dividends. So why not join the POW Ecosystem right now?

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