The Power of Boxers

Published by pixeossocial 16 Jun 2019

The Power of Boxers

Brock Pierce Announces Winners of Underwear Giveaway at EEMay31 Washington D.C. 2019

Rarely in life do events unfold the way you imagine them in your flighty imagination, but May 31, 2019 was an exception to that.

This is a personal story (Stellabelle here), and in my experience it is stories that people still crave.

So, you may be wondering what's the backstory of Brock Pierce wearing a pair of boxers outside of his pants.......and I am here to tell the story.

Many months ago I had decided to create a digital painting that delved into the story of EOS and my role in observing everything that has happened in the year since EOSIO launched. It's been an insane year, and I spent more than half of it asking myself,

How can I best add value to the EOS network?

Where is my place?

Who is in my tribe?

What is my tribe anyway and will I ever be able to find them?

Finding one's place inside EOS is not an easy task. For me it began with asking myself this question:

What is important in life?

For me, it is about turning creative energy into a force that affects changes in the following areas: privacy, freedom, monetization of artistic work and evening out the playing field for all people to earn a decent income. The "Winner Takes All" economic system of Facebook and Google really bothers me. So does the creeping Orweillian surveillance state that we are all entering.

Like many others, I believe there is a different way, and I have sought out those people who I trust can make a difference in human progress. After I thought long and hard about the people who truly influence me, I arrived with three people: Dan Larimer, Crystal Rose and Brock Pierce. When I created my painting, titled, I LOVE EOS Crypto Royalty, each of these people played a prominent role in it, and they emerged organically in my painting, over several weeks.

After I had created my painting I sent it to Crystal Rose and Brock Pierce. Nothing happened. I was going to just wait til our Art Gallery had launched and then sell it in there, (as NFT).

As the B1June FOMO was reaching a fever pitch in April, I suddenly realized I had nothing cool to wear for B1June that expressed my EOS fandom. That's when I decided to make shoes for myself out of my painting. I quickly set up an Etsy store, designed some I LOVE EOS shoes, and then waited for them to arrive. A month later I got them, and was ecstatic. I realized there might be a lot of other people in need of EOS shoes as was then that I just decided for fun to make EOS boxers and underwear because, well, why not? It seemed hilarious, so I just let myself go and before long, I had men's and women's EOS underwear designed and I was laughing hysterically during the entire process.

I posted these results on Twitter, never once thinking that people would actually order anything, but to my shock, the orders began pouring in. Crystal Rose, CEO of Sense Chat ordered a lot of stuff, and that's when I really began to panic! I didn't even have samples for the stuff she was ordering! That night after Crystal ordered, I had a vivid dream of being in a mansion, and Brock Pierce lived a few houses down from me. In the dream, Brock and Crystal were heading to my house to pick me up for B1June, and in the middle of this crazy dream, I woke up, checked my smartphone, and there it was, a message from Etsy:

ETSY: Brock Pierce has placed an order.

I almost crapped my pants.

It was a very strange thing to wake up to, since I had been dreaming of Brock living next to fact it was almost the most insane moment of my life.

When I finally met Brock and Crystal at the Everything EOS party on May 31 in DC, it was bizarre because Brock had already put on the briefs over his pants. I didn't say or do anything. I was literally dying inside!

After being at the party for a while, I knew I wanted to have Brock announce the I LOVE EOS underwear giveaway. I decided to just ask him for help. He was super nice and open, and offered to do it right away. I almost couldn't believe it. It was similar to my dream. Everything just flowed naturally, and there seemed to be zero resistance. This was a moment where my idea of how reality should be and my in real life reality met in a seamless, frictionless way. And I think it's because my goals are aligned with Brock and Crystal's goals, exactly.

We all want the same things, a better world for all.

Here are the briefs that Brock wore in the photo above:


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