The More You Earn, The More We Burn

Published by pixeossocial 6 Aug 2019

The More You Earn, The More We Burn

Token Burn Woman and Furry Friendillustrated by@joechiappetta

pixEOS is home to 7 multiplayer blockchain games that you can play now, plus a rare digital art gallery launching soon. Factoring in our talented and diverse international community of gamers, artists, and collectors, we aim to have something entertaining for everyone. In this gaming and art ecosystem, the pixEOS token plays a unique and useful vehicle for access to our platform. While users can play for free in single-player mode, more adventurous gamers can also use pixEOS tokens to play in multiplayer mode, and earn more pixEOS tokens for winning against other players!

In addition to the fun of playing blockchain games in multiplayer mode, there are two added benefits of such game play in pixEOS Game Center. The first is that the more you win--from now through November 2019--the more additional tokens you receive on top of your regular winnings. This is a special reward for being one of the early players in our game center.

Also, from now through November, the more pixEOS tokens spent by multiplayers in pixEOS Game Center, the more tokens will be burnt. This means the total supply of pixEOS tokens will be reduced based on how many multiplayers are very active. In turn, this token burning increases the scarcity of pixEOS tokens. In fact, for each of these months, if enough players play our multiplayer games, 100 million pixEOS tokens are eligible to be burnt! See this pixEOS gamer article for more specifics. Summing up all these crypto gaming nuggets...

The more you play, the more you earn, and the more we burn!