pixEOS Games + Art Project Results

Published by pixeossocial 30 Jul 2019

pixEOS Games + Art Project Results

The Two Fun Towers of pixEOS illustration by @joechiappetta

pixEOS has built (and continues to build) a very complex and ambitious blockchain art and gaming ecosystem. While these things don't happen overnight, the tangible accomplishments thus far are significant for such a new project. Since it was only first announced in December 2018, and development did not actually happen until a much later, pixEOS is quite remarkable for delivering the following, all in under a year.

  • The first working blockchain art game (pixEOS Paint) on EOS that will be turned into rare digital art.

  • 7 additional blockchain games with multiplayer functionality.

  • 3 art exhibits at live events in Brooklyn, San Francisco, and Venezuela.

  • CryptoLegions, where multiplayers can band together to potentially earn more rewards.

  • Staking rewards to earn more crypto.

All these milestones were accomplished in under 8 months! With pixEOS' rare digital art gallery now slated for release by the end of August , this is only the beginning! The gallery delays have to do with the extra complexities of making sure the blockchain contract mechanics work perfectly with the EOS ecosystem and secure transfers of rare digital art.

Once Grand pixEOS Art Gallery goes live, it will join our pixEOS Game Center as the place where games and art collide!