pixEOS & EverdreamSoft Art-Gaming Partnership

Published by pixeossocial 30 Sep 2019

pixEOS & EverdreamSoft Art-Gaming Partnership

We are super excited to announce the partnership between EverdreamSoft and pixEOS, to further innovate the world of digital creation and gaming.

pixEOS and EverdreamSoft are happy to announce future collaboration!

The creator of the first art gamification platform based on the EOS blockchain, pixEOS, along with the pioneer of blockchain integration in the domain of games and collectibles, EverdreamSoft, have announced today their partnership!

With their mobile game Spells of Genesis, launched in 2017, EverdreamSoft set a trend of “true ownership” of digital assets. With their latest project CrystalSuite, EverdreamSoft’s vision is to change the way people own and (co-) create in the digital era. EverdreamSoft is also a founding member of Blockchain Game Alliance.

pixEOS is a community driven, collaborative, colorful, and dynamic project on the EOS blockchain. The EOSIO platform utilizes contract functionality that enables pixEOS to build out its innovative environment in a highly scalable, secure, and iterative fashion. The pixEOS platform has a native token, PIXEOS, which can be used for multiple use cases: gaming on 7 multiplayer games, staking, supporting artists, purchasing creative services, and collecting digital art goods.

“The integration of Everdreamsoft products to the EOSIO infrastructure in a combined initiative with pixEOS will enrich greatly the ecosystem of gaming and the digital assets market” said Nogueira, the founder and CEO of pixEOS.

“We’ve seen a lot of blockchain projects in the past years, but many of them don’t have any real products nor actual ideas. With pixEOS, we share the vision of changing the way people can create value and fairly monetize their skills.” said Shaban Shaame, the founder and CEO of EverdreamSoft.

Our teams have partnered together to further re-invent the world of digital creation by implementing the blockchain technology. The final form of the cooperation has not been established yet, but both teams see many possible ways. With EverdreamSoft and pixEOS currently considering all the possible branches of their collaboration, the future of gaming and art just got more promising!