Buy Merch with Crypto at My pixEOS Shop

Published by pixeossocial 22 Aug 2019

Buy Merch with Crypto at My pixEOS Shop

My pixEOS Wearable Art Shop Now Accepts Payment in Crypto!

"I don't get what I can do with cryptocurrency? Where do I spend it?"
Has anyone ever said that to you? Now we have one more great way to answer!

At the My pixEOS Wearable Art Shop, you can buy t-shirts and other merchandise using usual payment methods... or you can buy the merch with cryptocurrency! Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, and STEEM can all be used to make purchases of your favorite designs on a wide variety of quality clothing or other fun items.

Stickers, mugs, pillows, hoodies, phone cases, backpacks, bathing suits, towels, and more can be ordered with art from our growing list of pixEOS Featured Artists. Feel free to also request specific art from our community through the pixEOS Telegram.

The cryptocurrency payment option is made possible through our Shopify shop's integration with CoinPayments. Best of all, you don't need to set up a new account with anyone to order. At checkout, just follow the prompts to where it says "Secure Checkout," enter your contact information, click "Continue to Shipping," and for whichever crypto payment method you choose, concise instructions will be given on how to use your crypto wallet of choice to pay for the transaction and include the appropriate memo.

Start shopping the My pixEOS Shop now!