PIXEOS token maximum supply reduction.

Published by pixeossocial 4 Sep 2019

PIXEOS token maximum supply reduction.

PIXEOS Token Maximum Supply Reduction

Working against the clock in the development front, facing the challenges of the implementation of a new platform with several components, pixEOS is simultaneously working on tuning up the economy for the future.

The first step was redistributing the staking rewards and we recall the changes that were planned and are already active:

  • Starting July 2019, we are dividing the 5M pixEOS daily rewards for the last month of July into 5 months, resulting in a total of 1M pixEOS distributed per day from July 1st to November 30th

  • Rewards will be divided into 2 categories: games and art

  • Game Center 500k pixEOS daily reward: daily rewards to every arcade player based on the points accumulated by playing the games in the last 24 hours (current pixEOS reward system of Arcade games will be converted into a point system)

  • Art Platforms 500k pixEOS daily reward: daily rewards to the platform users based on the activity of the past 24 hours, once the art platforms are fully operational (number of pixels painted in Paint FE, purchases in pixEOS gallery, merchandise bought in My pixEOS Shop, etc).

pixEOS has designed a token burn framework but as the activity in the actual components don ́t allow for a significant burn, the team has decided to reduce the max supply in 15%, and the contract was deployed with the new supply on the 31st of August.

The new max supply of PIXEOS tokens is 3,959,505,148 from the former 4,658,241,350 PIXEOS tokens.

Max supply reduction:

4,658,241,350 > 3,959,505,148

More changes for good will come as we advance with the release of the upcoming components and we also cannot wait for the deployment and publication of The Grand pixEOS Gallery that should have come out in August but is still being tuned up for release in the upcoming days.

The pixEOS team is working for a robust and promising infrastructure and ecosystem that revolutionizes the art blockchain business and gaming experience.

Play our games: pixEOS Paint FE, Blockatrix3000, and many more!

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