pixEOS is where games and art collide. We are an Art Gamification platform with a smart economy on the EOS blockchain. https://pixeos.io/
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pixEOS Sponsors Zolothon
October 2, 2019 , Delhi A blockchain-driven gaming platform Zolo Poker, is organizing a marathon in association with Rendezvous, IIT Delh...
pixEOS pixeossocial 30 Sep 2019
pixEOS & EverdreamSoft Art-Gaming Partnership
pixEOS and EverdreamSoft are happy to announce future collaboration!
pixEOS pixeossocial 30 Sep 2019
PIXEOS token maximum supply reduction.
PIXEOS Token Maximum Supply Reduction Working against the clock in the development front, facing the challenges of the implementation of...
pixEOS pixeossocial 4 Sep 2019
What Can You Do with PIXEOS Tokens Now
What you can do with PIXEOS Tokens Now: https://pixeos.io/
pixEOS pixeossocial 26 Aug 2019
Buy Merch with Crypto at My pixEOS Shop
My pixEOS Wearable Art Shop Now Accepts Payment in Crypto!
pixEOS pixeossocial 22 Aug 2019
pixEOS Token Burn
15% of total supply of PIXEOS tokens will be burnt this month. It increases the scarcity of this gaming and art token that works with 7 m...
pixEOS pixeossocial 10 Aug 2019
The More You Earn, The More We Burn
pixEOS is home to 7 multiplayer blockchain games that you can play now, plus a rare digital art gallery launching soon. Factoring in our...
pixEOS pixeossocial 6 Aug 2019
pixEOS Games + Art Project Results
pixEOS has built (and continues to build) a very complex and ambitious blockchain art and gaming ecosystem.
pixEOS pixeossocial 30 Jul 2019
pixEOS: Mega Update
Big updates: Burn, Staking, Utility and Products
pixEOS pixeossocial 19 Jun 2019
The Power of Boxers
This is the backstory of Brock Pierce wearing boxers at the Everything EOS Party in Washington, D.C.
pixEOS pixeossocial 16 Jun 2019