Experiencing Blockchain

Published by murillojorge 19 Aug 2019

Experiencing Blockchain

First of all let me say that I'm more than happy to write this small text on a decentralized publishing platform. I am... correction, we are literally writing on blockchain.

Since last year (2018) I've been part of a small but energetic group of developers, designers and entrepreneurs that run under the flag of EOS Costa Rica, a standby block producer that is currently the only one located in Central America. We're working on client solutions, but also trying to focus on ways of improving the blockchain experience, not only for newcomers but also for more mature users. Such is the case with our open source project EOS Rate where we're trying to provide a tool to rate BPs in order to help voters inform others and provide them with a more informed decision.

As for today I still have a feeling of exhilaration whenever I get a sign request from Scatter, Lynx or even my harware wallet Trezor. It has this feeling of importance, be it because of the permanent nature of each transaction, be it because it's public. These are the new set of paradigms that also make blockchain technologies difficult to incorporate into mainstream, but it's also what attracts me the most, and I know I'm not alone here.

It's clear to me that there's a lot to do in order to make the blockchain experience at the very least understandable to new users. Whenever I talk of the topic at parties and family reunions I try to carry the conversation casual without to many jargon, and still I always find a scarcity of understanding and even some resistance to certain concepts. Specially decentralization. It seems to me that our society is still in a sort of infancy, where things should always be controlled by someone else, someone big. The implications that decentralization (provided by blockchain) have upon our already technologically oriented lives are big, to say the least. It could be the solution to the rampant corruption eroding our democratic systems. It could be so much more.

So here with this my first post on Decentium, on the EOS Mainnet, I ask you reader to get over the token exchange craze, and immerse yourself in the new Internet. Play some games at ITAM, drop some dice at BetDice, write your blog right here at Decentium. Then take hold of what belongs to you, stop giving your privacy away for a second of dopamine. Let's work together, create new things, decentralized, and with the help of technology try to make our world a little better.