Published by magicunicorn 9 Jul 2019


#shippleshoe participants will receive 50K $SHIL as a reward for their efforts

I did not originate the #shippleshoe challenge, nor was I aware that ‘shoe on head’ meme was popular on the internet a decade ago. I certainly didn’t know about its sordid past, which I won’t mention here. In fact, none of the people knew about the meme’s dark past. The #shippleshoe challege originated from a woman named laughtrack and the circumstances are worth looking into.

She made that first video of her putting a shoe on her head as a $MORTYS bribe from Corey and that is where this #shippleshoe challenge all began. It started as part of another meme token, MORTYS, a dedicated bribe coin in EOS. It’s pretty clear that she’s totally enjoying herself. She didn’t know about the sordid history of the meme, either.

Here's a YouTube video that shows the first time a Shipple member had put a shoe on their head:

And then this was the second one after she had received my Shipple Moonboots in the mail:


You can just tell she’s experiencing that moment when you just live with total abandon and joy and just doing something absurd becomes meaningful to a community of like-minded folks.

It’s the experience that we all had as children, but as adults, not so much anymore. There are just not enough shared absurd moments in the world. And there are definitely not enough leaders who know how to bring people together.

I saw that video and felt inspired to do it too, I could tell she was experiencing a rare moment of joy.....that’s when the idea hit me that the Shipple community could extend even farther out, and help more noobs learn how to download a crypto wallet and get their very first “play money” tokens as they learned how to navigate the EOS world.

From my earlier interviews with a few Shipple crypto noobs, I learned that the fear of crypto is still a real serious point of friction. Getting some tokens that don’t yet have any real monetary value to play with as a way to learn how to send and receive tokens with the EOS Lynx wallet https://eoslynx.com/ appeared to be the number one thing that was making the Shipple community grow like weeds.....oh yeah, well, and the great leadership of Corey and the team, who extend a helping hand to anyone, and everyone, is a good reason also.

When I first found out about Shipple and had a conversation with Corey C., the creator of Shipple, I was intrigued that yet another meme coin had been born in EOS. I found out about $MORTYS right before Shipple and being someone who loves memes, I got hooked right away. People in Shipple earn $SHIL tokens for making memes and doing other SHIL Missions.

I immediately wanted to help out in the community and I decided the best way I could do that was to design some Shipple hi-top shoes and add them to my growing collection of odd creations in my Etsy shop, which you can see here: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/702779292/shipple-womens-high-top-sneakers

I normally charge $65 for my hand-designed shoes, but for the Shipple community I decided to have them on a permanent discount of $50, with free shipping. This price leaves a tiny bit of profit for me, but I’d rather have 100 people wearing my shoes than 10. It was a no brainer to just leave them at $50 per pair. Anyway, after Corey had shared the link to my Etsy shop in Shipple Basecamp, I immediately got several orders, two of which were from laughtrack.

It was at this time that Corey suggested that we combine this #Shippleshoe challenge with a charity component and I suggested Empowermeeos.org since I knew the creator of that project and believe in its mission of buying a smartphone + internet subscription for students that are hand-picked and mentored in the EOS community. Learn more about this project here: https://empowermeeos.org/

It was then that Corey suggested that people send at least 1 EOS donation directly to the eos account: empowermeeos and gain an extra 50K of $SHIL for that. In this way charity would become a big part of the challenge, but in a voluntary way. Noobs that don’t have any EOS could still participate and earn $SHIL for #shippleshoe pictures.

I am the first to admit that EOS does have a bit of an elitist problem, as this is probably due to the fact that EOS is a complex system that requires a lot of education, time and yes money to navigate. I have been studying closely this one problem: noobs don’t feel comfortable or safe making the plunge into crypto because most people don’t have a lot of disposable income to experiment with.

The Shipple community so far feels like that place where everyone is a noob and no question is too dumb to ask. It’s one of the only crypto places I’ve ever seen where noobs are valued, respected and encouraged to be themselves. The shoe meme may have a dark past, but the Shipple community is redefining it for their own purposes and this challenge is in no way affiliated with the earlier meme.

EOS OG’s might feel like this challenge is “too stupid” and that it’s not bringing value to EOS, but the numbers speak for themselves and people in Shipple are actually quite happy. Shipple Basecamp is on its way to 2000, with the ultimate goal being 10,000 and beyond. Because, why not?

We can redefine something that has a dark past and turn it into something positive. That's what we are doing......plus....

Memes go farther than white papers.

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