Newdex Quiz Results

Published by magicunicorn 30 Oct 2019

Newdex Quiz Results

Part of being a Newdex Influencer is to create some unique value for the Newdex community and creating quizzes and surveys for the EOS community is one of my favorite things to do. This Newdex Quiz took place on October 25-26 and lasted 24 hours. 71 people completed the survey. In order to reduce the chance of one person taking the quiz multiple times, a 24 hour period of time was added, plus each respondent had to post a secret code word in the Newdex Chat Telegram group from their own quiz. While this probably is not a perfect solution, it became clear that few if any people gamed the survey due to these restrictions.

Stay tuned to the Newdex Chat Telegram group for your chance to complete more quizzes and earn NDX for your efforts.

Here are the results:

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