Newdex Noob Quiz: Test Your Knowledge in Next 24 Hours

Published by magicunicorn 25 Oct 2019

Newdex Noob Quiz: Test Your Knowledge In Next 24 Hours

About The Newdex Noob Quiz:

Test your Newdex knowledge and earn NDX tokens as a reward. The quiz contains 10 questions and takes about 2 minutes to complete. Each correct question is worth 5 NDX, so the more correct answers you provide, the more NDX you earn. If you get all 10 questions correct, follow all directions and you join the Newdex Chat on Telegram, you can earn 50 NDX. The quiz only lasts for 24 hours, so hurry and don't miss your chance to shine:



1. Complete Newdex Noob Quiz:


1. Must join Newdex Chat Telegram:


2. Must have an EOS account. (If you need a free EOS account, try )

Deadline: Saturday, October 26 23:00 UTC

Helpful Tips

Pro-tip: In the survey you will be asked to create a unique code word for Question 9. Please memorize your unique code word, because you will need to post this in the Newdex Chat Telegram channel If you fail to post your code word in the Newdex Telegram group, you will not get any NDX rewards.

FYI: If it is determined that the survey is being done repeatedly from the same IP address, you will be disqualified and will not receive any NDX.

FYI: The Newdex Chat on Telegram is run by the EOS community as well as some Newdex Influencers. It’s not being used as a tech support function, but as a community function where general questions are answered.

If you need Newdex Tech Support: Use the tech support portal on their Zen Desk support page: or send them an email:

Disclaimer: This survey is not run by the official Newdex team. This initiative is done by me as part of the Newdex Influencer Program. You can read more about the Newdex Influencer Program here:

Good Luck!

Link to the Newdex Noob Quiz: