Newdex Halloween Contest: 36 Prizes

Published by magicunicorn 23 Oct 2019

Newdex Halloween Contest: 36 Prizes Total

Decentralized exchange Newdex is holding a Halloween contest on Twitter and you still have time to enter!

I found out about the contest when I was reading the official Newdex announcements on their support page:


October 31, 2019 23:59:59 (UTC)

First prize (3 people): 10 EOS per person
Second prize (5 people): 1,666 TRX per person
Third prize (8 people): 10,000 NDX per person
Participation reward (20 people): 100 SAND per person
Special reward: All users who submit their works can get one Lucky Draw chance on November 1.

Submission Rules:
Add the Newdex logo to your Halloween costumes, pumpkin lanterns, or any Halloween-related items. The work can be in any form (images, GIFs, movies, etc.) Follow and tag @NewdexOfficial on Twitter to submit your work and don’t forget to add your EOS or TRON account with your entry.

See this tweet for examples:

Winning list will be released on November 1, 2019.

Official Newdex Rules:

1. All works must contain Newdex elements.
2. The deadline for work submission is October 31, and winners will be released on November 1 and will be contacted through Twitter.
3. Winners must provide a valid EOS or TRON account within seven days, otherwise the winning qualification will be canceled
4. Participation reward can’t be overlapped with first,
second, or third prizes but can be extended to subsequent participants.
5. The final interpretation of this activity is owned by Newdex.

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Disclosure: I am an official Newdex Influencer as of today. I love the simplicity of the Newdex platform and its organizational excellence. That’s why I decided to apply for the Influencer role. Shoutout to my friend Ackza who informed me about the Influencer program from Newdex. To learn more about the Newdex Influencer program, go here: I entered the Halloween contest before I became an influencer, by the way.

Official Newdex decentralized exchange: