Name Grab on Lynx is Live

Published by magicunicorn 26 Sep 2019

Name Grab on Lynx is Now Live

Today you can reserve your own name on Lynx Chain. Here's where to go to get your name reserved:

The Lynx Chain is set to launch in November but you can get your own name reserved in advance with a phone number. Your phone number is encrypted and the only reason it's being used is to prevent people from farming account names. Lynx has stated that accounts with phone numbers will be free so that is their solution for account creation.

Why Lynx?

Lynx will have free to play games where users win crypto and invite their friends to play. Accounts on Lynx will have avatars and custom names so the ecosystem will be built for users. It claims to be the first blockchain easy enough for 12 year-olds to use. If it's anything like the Lynx Wallet, then you know it will be a good experience.

Getting your name reserved is a very simple process. You enter your desired account name, pass captcha, and input your phone number. You should then get a text message with a link to verify your account. That's it.

Pro tip: account names on Lynx must be lowercase letters a-z and numbers 1-5.

I reserved my name today on Lynx and it was a seamless experience. I liked the "congratulations" confirmation at the end too.