Meme My Coin Genesis Contest Winners

Published by magicunicorn 3 Dec 2019

Meme My Coin Genesis Contest Winners

And now it’s time to announce the winners of the very first Meme My Coin Genesis Contest!

But before we do, we want to thank our sponsors for making this happen. Scatter provided the mother-load prize, so thank you Scatter! I hear they have a brand-new version, so get it today: Next up we have Token Pocket which is one of the most popular crypto mobile wallets: Newdex is the biggest decentralized exchange for EOS: and if you haven’t downloaded Sense Chat yet, you should try it out because it’s private and they don’t sell your data: Thank you to all our sponsors for providing the prize tokens!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in our very first meme contest. It was hard to decide on the top 3 and many of them were equally was agonizing to decide! You may be wondering how the winners were chosen, and I took into account the quality of memes submitted. This means some were chosen because they submitted numerous funny memes. Thanks to everyone who participated and made this a fun event. More fun contests are in the works so stay tuned!

[Be advised: All exchange rates were taken on December 2 so the value of any token may have gone down or up in one day. Crypto is volatile, remember.]

27.7 EOS First place: @YELLOWDOODLE

18.5 EOS Second place: @JUANCARNEIRO

21,186 TPT Third Place: @CRYPTO_CUTTER


@Avoolo, @Jocipriani11, @Numary Puleio, @ERVP1, @Adrianamdr, @vandresguzman, @katielyl, @ihavenoname28, @izmonkeyz, @EDO33, @realPrinceOla, @CryptoFreako, @halexandrus, @jonnysbrito, @ilovenipples.

Here are all the Genesis Memers, which includes everyone who submitted a meme for this contest. All of you are now Genesis Memers and will be permanently etched into the blockchain for all of eternity!

@yellowdoodle, @JuanCarneiro, @Avoolo, @Crypto_Cutter, @Jocipriani11, @jonnysbrito, @ilovenipples, @Numary Puleio, @ERVP1, @Adrianamdr, @realPrinceOla, @ihavenoname28, @CryptoFreako, @izmonkeyz, @EDO33, @gunz1601, @katielyl, @vandresguzman, @halexandrus, @britany14, @Janelo62, @Ciberaguila, @Yusmarycabr1, @mayesahgf, @Noybehape, @leomarysnn24, @eosioo1, @emekasegun, @ady33

Fun Facts About Meme My Coin

Meme My Coin is chain agnostic and we will never do an ICO, IEO, private sale or make our own token. We feel there are already too many shitcoins in the world.

Motto: “We don’t care which coins you’re hodling, all we want are your memes.”

Mascot: Cat (from Woman Yelling at a Cat)

Launched: November 1, 2019

Founder: Stellabelle and friends

Celebrity Endorsement: “Memes are powerful” -John Mcafee

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