Enter Meme My Coin Genesis Contest by Dec. 1

Published by magicunicorn 25 Nov 2019

Enter Meme My Coin Genesis Contest By Dec. 1

To celebrate the launch of Meme My Coin, we bring to you the Genesis Meme Contest!

Make your crypto memes about any kind of crypto and use the Woman Yelling at a Cat meme template. You must have a Telegram account to enter: https://telegram.org/

Post your memes the official MMC Telegram channel for your chance to win prizes. Add your Telegram ID and the MMC logo for your memes to be eligible.

All Genesis Meme Contest winners will have their Telegram ID’s etched into the blockchain (still deciding which blockchain to use, lol) and they will from that day forward be recognized as MMC Genesis Memers (not miners) or MMCGM’s.


Submission Deadline: December 1, 2019

Prizes: Various crypto worth: 1st ($75), 2nd ($50), 3rd ($25) and 10 Honorable Mentions ($5 each) Tokens: EOS, SENSE, NDX, TPT. Must have an EOS wallet to accept the prizes.


Step 1: Make an original crypto meme using the Woman Yelling at a Cat template below.

(can be about any crypto: BTC, LTC, ETH, EOS, XRP, TLOS, NDX, SENSE, TRX, BNB, etc.) It can also be about any aspect or story in the crypto world.

Step 2: Add the official Meme My Coin logo and your Telegram ID to your meme. Use template provided below:

Step 3: Join the official Meme My Coin Telegram group: https://t.me/mememycoin

Step 4: Post your meme in the Meme My Coin Telegram.


1. Your meme must be your own creation. DON’T STEAL SOMEONE ELSE’S.

2. You may make as many memes as you want, there’s no limit. Quality over quantity is a good plan though.

3. The winners will be selected by the MMC team and announced in the MMC Telegram and on Twitter on December 3, 2019.

4. Only one winning meme per person. This means that you may only win one prize, not multiple ones.

5. If you fail to put your Telegram ID or the MMC logo on your meme, you will be disqualified. You must put your Telegram ID on your memes so we can track who made which meme.

note: We will use reverse image software to detect stolen memes. Those who steal memes and try to pass it off as their own creation will be banned from our community (very bad long-term strategy to be banned from MMC.)

Join us: MMC Telegram: https://t.me/mememycoin

Good Luck everyone!
MMC Team

And now a word about our sponsors who we thank very much for making this contest happen! The prize money has been donated by the following organizations: Token Pocket, Sense Chat, Scatter and Newdex.


Official site: https://get-scatter.com/

Scatter is a BP on EOS so go ahead and vote for Scatter: vote4scatter.

Scatter is a fast, powerful, and functional multi-chain crypto wallet. Every part is lovingly designed and crafted to meet your daily crypto needs. Manage your assets, exchange tokens, keep your keys safe with your Ledger, and play the best games. Your funds become liquidity with our built-in token exchange mechanism. Never again will you have to go to an external exchange to swap BTC, TUSD, EOS, ETH, TRX, or DAI.

Token Pocket

Official site: https://www.tokenpocket.pro/

Token Pocket is a popular multi-chain digital wallet, portal to DApp ecosystem as well as a BP for EOS. Vote for the Token Pocket BP on EOS: itokenpocket. They recently launched their Forget CPU & Net program which has been helping ease CPU congestion for their users. Are you interested in becoming an Ambassador for Token Pocket? If so, go here: https://www.tokenpocket.pro/en/news/103512

Sense Chat

Official site: https://www.sense.chat/

Sense.Chat: A secure way to chat, earn and discover tokens. Sense.Chat allows anyone with a new or existing EOS account to chat, earn and discover tokens while connecting in private text, audio and video chats. All of your 1-to-1 conversations are encrypted and completely private. Register a portable account compatible with other EOS applications, view and manage tokens and activity in your wallet, and chat with communities in public channels.


official site: https://newdex.io/

Newdex, the world’s leading decentralized exchange doesn’t store users’ private keys, there’s no deposit or withdrawal and users take full custody of their assets. Deployed with matching and settlement on-chain smart contracts, transactions are recorded on-chain, transparent and verified in real-time.

Newdex supports EOS mainnet, EOS side chains (BOS、Telos、Meetone) and TRON. According to the Dappradar statistics of Nov. 22, daily active users are 905, and daily volume is $5.4M, which ranks Newdex as the number one EOS DEX.

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