Earn LYNX Tokens By Playing A Free Game

Published by magicunicorn 8 Sep 2019

Earn LYNX Tokens By Playing A Free Game

Game free to play? Yes

Can you earn LYNX tokens? Yes

Software: Lynx wallet for desktop


Lynx Game: Alien Invasion

Earning is the easiest way to get involved with crypto with zero risk. I’m a big believer in educating crypto noobs with tools that are easy, fun and risk-free. As a power user of the EOS Lynx wallet, I have come to depend on this wallet to do a lot of daily tasks, most of which are sending people $SHIL for making memes. I’ve used most of the EOS wallets out there and Lynx is just the easiest one to use on a daily basis.

Well, you might have heard that Lynx is launching its own chain pretty soon, and because of that, in addition to being a Lynx wallet power user, I began to take a closer look at how to earn some LYNX tokens.

I finally took the time to play a free Lynx game and earn a bit of LYNX token in the process. You aren’t going to get rich earning LYNX tokens in their free games, however if you play every day that could add up to some pocket change, depending on what country you live in as well as how lucky you are.

The Alien Invasion game is easy and straight forward. You place nuclear bombs on a map in the hopes of killing some random humans, thereby winning some amount of LYNX tokens. On your first game you get 24 bombs and then after you run out of bombs, you get 5 bombs per hour.

In my first attempt, and using those first 25 bombs, I managed to hit two people and ended up winning .36 LYNX in total. One win was .16 LYNX and another one was .2 LYNX. It was actually kind of difficult to win, at least for me. It’s pretty addictive, I think mainly because the game is so well-designed and the sound effects are so good. Well, and there’s always the rush when you get lucky and earn some LYNX tokens for just playing a free game.

At first I just assumed that the most I could win was .16 LYNX or something like that. But after a quick trip to the Lynx Wallet’s Telegram channel, I learned that it was possible to win 127 LYNX ($2.50 USD approx.) tokens in one square. Hmmm, that changed my outlook about this game a bit. I began playing a bit more, like basically all day to see if I could also win the motherload.....it did finally happen. I lucked out after a full day of playing:

Alien Invasion

While playing Alien Invasion, I was immediately aware of the sound quality. After years of video and sound editing, I’ve grown very picky about sounds. After playing it for a few minutes, my first thought was, “Well, the Lynx team doesn’t half ass anything. Even the sound effects are freaking perfect.”

Here’s a video tutorial about Alien Invasion to get you started:


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