How & Why I earn #EOS all day long!

Published by lotusdogpham 12 Jul 2019

How & Why I earn #EOS all day long!

First here is why I earn money at all. SO that I can do Pro-Social work to help community organizations (Listed at end of blog) adapt to and mitigate the effects of a rapidly changing environment in the Cascadian Bio-Region and elsewhere in North America. The #ErnestGoesToBlockchain Project supports research and development of #BlockchainsForGood and #aiForGood as strategies within Permaculture Designs.

SO your peer to peer contributions to me support the onsite and remote work I do for the folks you see me write about on medium and social media. So here is how I earn EOS all day when I am not researching other blockchains, community-steading, or on deployment in response to a National Disaster.

I play Boid in back ground and earn crypto, I play a time based action game Prospector and earn crypto, I do micro-tasks in between game turns that helps the social media platform I use called Karma, which I stake and earn. Then post all this news to Murmur and get paid for decibel interactions. and Eventually I can live stream (my non profit work)with Fasteco (hopefully), and then push EOS updates (all this is eos) to a SenseChat Group and earn sense, and even pick up the occasional bounty. Also I recieve increased rewards through network effects on some things for being a member of a DAC, like EosDac, Exchange on I then Publish to Decentium, of course copy and pasting into Medium, and receive Endorsements via Decentium and soon Trybe.One. Oh ya, and I can lease my earning on Chintai while they are staked I believe?

So now here is where it gets real fun. On weekly and monthly basis, there are governance tasks to be completed, across too many dapps really, but it allows some interesting relationships to merge with other eos projects. Like an audio podcast to Blabber and my Lumeos Polls and Monthly Governance Participation that Earns me eos as well!

I am currently accepting donations for VR gear so that I can offer free consulting in High Fidelity to Projects with a Socio-Ecological impact statement and mission related to community based adaptation and mitigation to climate related stressors. I am also accepting donations of Weather related IOT devices that are related to open source agricultural and climate science projects.

#ErnestGoesToBlockchain send any Crypto Contributions to my work at @lotusdogpham on eos, BTC via DropBit.Me/@lotusdog ← as well
I also take ETH for use on the platform, where I test use cases for non-profits at no cost to them 0x94c02fa483EC1670141e2e3dec79AB6087bCb836

Oglala Lakota Cultural & Economic Initiative
Indigenous Wisdom & Permaculture Skills Convergence
Mobile Disaster Relief Kitchen
The Tea House Project
And Others, we have YouTube Channels Facebook and Slacks.

Support my Satoshi #GiveAway during the Satoshi Whitepaper Workshop at the Indigenous Wisdom and Permaculture Skills Convergence on #PineRidge Reservation. all satoshis sent to be given away during a workshop to demonstrate peer to peer transfer of digital currency. If there are any large donors funds will be given to the Street Medics who are giving a Street Medic Training during the convergence at cost to them. DM me on twitter @lotusdog if you want to vet, participate publicly, or have questions