Arriving at Decentium

Published by jungleonion1 18 Jun 2019

Arriving at Decentium

Hey! I'm always excited to try and test new content creation platforms on the blockchain and today I had the opportunity of stumble upon Decentium and I'm looking forward to see the platform grow along the community. Is always super cool to join projects in their early stages because you get to develop an emotional link with the platform and I think is pretty important to develop consistent and loyal users. I have tried multiple other content creation platforms on the blockchain like Steem, Publish0x, Sapien, Trybe, Minds, Whaleshares to name a few.

I'm not sure what to talk about myself other than I like to make music, paint and talk about blockchain haha that's pretty straightforward really and well my hobbies are also reading books, mostly educational books but I would read science fiction here and there too and mmm novels and stuff like that. I also like gardening a lot so I would think that's my favorite hobbie I would like to take advantage of it the more I learn about it. I like photography as well and many other interests.

I'll be sharing some of my work regarding music, art and blockchain content for anyone interest, a few subjects my blog will revolve around suitable for everyone :)

Btw, my profile picture, the same as the post picture, is my laptop screen after I dropped it hard on the floor and once turned on it displayed this weird colorful pattern that I really liked haha.