Modern Demographics

Published by juanboho2423 4 Oct

Modern Demographics

One of the first things we should know when selling something is the target market. But when I talk about selling something, I don't just mean selling some product or service, but also selling ourselves and implicitly our talents and skills.

Perhaps you are thinking that sometimes we do not know how to define our possible markets due to the variety they show. Artists, students, housewives, elderly, travelers, entrepreneurs, among others. In addition to the ages and sex of each group.

Currently these are not our target market. Traditional demographics make no sense without modern demographics, demographics of interests, passions, beliefs, skills, values. The so-called psychographic segmentation, which is linked to the personality of the individual.

By better knowing the psychological characteristics of the market, a better result can be achieved, making a difference by developing more specific and therefore more valuable products or services.