Published by jschvfiusdhr 30 Sep 2019


In order to enrich the game's diversity, Spinach has already launched baccarat, dragon and tiger fighting, split color, fruit machine, Texas Hold'em and other game blocks, and will be on the line block chain hundred people cattle and cattle, block chain blood war mahjong, district Blockchain black and red wars, blockchain grab red envelopes and many other fun new games. The platform is now connected to the EOS wallet ecosystem, and there will be a large number of blockchain quiz games with high attention, high interest and high quality.

Spinach is one of the hottest blockchain gaming platforms in the world. The basic idea of the game is optimized on the chain according to the offline classic quiz (betting), avoiding the drawbacks of traditional games and experiencing the fun of fair quiz (gaming) games. In the game, there are VIP system, invitation rebate system, rich list, and the gambling list is in the open and transparent competition in the game environment. Players can log into the Spinach game platform through their own blockchain wallet, or enter the Spinach game platform by registering a platform game account.

The Big Battle

Telegram: t.me/SpinachE