John Heeter at Boid
John Heeter at Boid
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Boid is improving the EOS account creation process
The vision behind Boid has always been as a platform that helps to bridge blockchains and distributed computing technology to a broad aud...
John Heeter at Boid johnatboid11 5 Aug 2019
Boid Season 2 Launch
Season 2 has started and we have a great set of Team promotions provided by the various Boid Team leaders. Let’s especially be sure to we...
John Heeter at Boid johnatboid11 22 Jul 2019
Boid Network Economic Update
During the Boid community livestream on June 14th I announced my initial proposal for the year two economic plan for the Boid network. Ba...
John Heeter at Boid johnatboid11 8 Jul 2019