How to get started with Prospectors with NO INVESTMENT

Published by illuminati.e 26 Jun 2019

How to get started with Prospectors with NO INVESTMENT

There's a new digital gold in the hills...virtual gold.

The PGL is the token that is going to be used in the blockchain based game called Prospectors, and the mainnet of this game launches on 29th June 2019 or the 26th June if you purchased a golden ticket to get early access.

Prospectors is set in the wild wild west days or the gold rush if you put it that way where you have to manage your workers, equip them with resources/tools, build buildings on land you've purchased in game (digital real estate), plot land and mine gold.

There definitely is a strategy to this game and I've played the demo to know some insights on how to get started. If you've bought the PGL token its best to purchase land and get started but we're here to talk about how to earn with zero investment.

So let's get right to it.

If you are having difficulty understanding the article it's best if you familiarize yourself with the game a bit by going through the whitepaper, wiki and the testnet for your reference.

You basically start with 0 gold and have 3 workers who have a maximum capacity of 30kg to carry things around the map and have a maxed working of 5 hours before you can make them work again on the same task or other ones.

Important note: 1000 gold = 1 PGL token

The strategy to get started involves doing transportation jobs, mining gold and doing jobs involving tools.

The above image shows a transportation job which requires a worker to transport ore. So how much gold would you earn by doing this job?

The answer lies in this formula:

Salary per 1kg per km is 0.21 gold, so assuming your worker has all empty slots available (30kg of weight that can be carried) that would be:

0.21 gold x 30 = 6.3 gold

The salary for carrying 1kg ore is 5.19 gold per 1kg, so assuming your worker has all empty slots available (30kg of weight that can be carried) that would be:

5.19 x 30 = 155.7 gold

Therefore, the total gold earned would be:

6.3 + 155.7 = 162 gold

The time taken for this job would involve the worker travelling to the start point of the job from where he is currently, then from the start point of the job till the end point of the job.

Please note that the distance from the start of the job to where he is at that point of time makes a difference because of the fact that it can result in an increase or decrease of time taken for the job.

One way to maintain efficiency is to earn the maximum amount of gold in the minimum period of time. You will have to compare jobs to see which ones can maximize your efficiency.

If you would like to skip the transportation jobs and head to jobs which require tools which are more rewarding, you need to find a resource rich area on the map which should be surrounded by other resource rich areas. Also note that you would need to find land which is not owned by any players because you are not permitted to mine on land which is owned by other players. You would need to find unowned land where you can mine.

There are a couple of ways to create tools. One way is to purchase them on the market, the other is to create them in your own tool workshop (requires you to own land) and the 3rd way is to craft them yourself. If you check the wiki, you'll be able to see what resources need to be mined into which materials into the tool that you need. Tools bought from the market or which you have created using the tool workshop last way longer i.e 100 hours and the tools which your workers have created are inferior quality i.e 10 hours.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that when mining on unowned land and you keep your resources or materials in storage, other players can steal your things. So never keep any resources or materials in storage on free land and rather keep them in your workers’ backpack.

The above image shows a building construction job which requires workers to help construct a building. So how much gold would you earn by doing this job?

The answer is in the formula:

50 x 300 minutes* = 15000 gold

*the maximum number of hours a worker can work for or assuming you have set the work time to 300 minutes

The time taken for this job would include the time taken by the worker to reach that particular plot from where is at that point of time and the working hours required you have set for the worker to work.

So the formula for calculating the time for this job would be:

300 minutes + time taken by the worker to reach the plot from where is at that point of time.

Yes, it's a great job to do because the reward is great for that amount of time put into that job and because of the fact that you would want to earn maximum gold in a minimum amount of time.

But do all building jobs or all jobs for that matter provide the same pay? The answer to that question is no. The reason being supply and demand from 2 perspectives. One being as a game as a whole and the other being the player putting out that job.

From a game point of view the supply for such jobs would be low and the demand high because players want to earn a high amount of gold with minimum effort but there would be a scarcity for such jobs because players putting out those jobs would be wanting to save that gold for other uses.

From the perspective of a player putting out those jobs he/she may be in a hurry to get the job done because maybe that player would want to make moves fast in the game giving them a higher advantage over others and that player knows that the job will be done quickly because its paying well.

If you have a look at the image above you can apply the same formula as above and you will know that the reward for these jobs is considerably lower.

So it's always better to compare between jobs so that you can maximize your returns. The amount of gold you earn is fixed due to the formula mentioned in the wiki.

When it comes to mining gold its not only the most valuable resource but also an in-game currency. You have the option to mine gold yourself or do gold mining jobs. So which of the 2 options are more profitable? Keep reading to know more.

The above image shows an unowned piece of land with gold deposits available.

The formula for mining gold according to the wiki is:

(Amount of resources x 1 x 1e6) per minute

1e6 is an algebraic term which stands for divided by 1,000,000 so lets break down this formula in simpler terms.

The simpler formula would be:

Amount of resources x 1 divided by 1,000,000

Now, if we do the calculation it would be:

4,000,000 x 1 divided by 1,000,000

Which is equal to 4 gold per minute.

Now we multiply:

4 x 300 = 1,200 gold

Hence, 1 worker mining gold on a plot for 5 hours earns you 1,200 gold

Keep in mind that as you mine more and more gold on that deposit the reward reduces because of the formula mentioned above.

The above image shows us the gold mining jobs that have been listed. Most of the gold mining jobs have been paying 30 gold per minute and as you can tell it is more profitable than mining gold yourself.

30 gold per minute x 300 minutes = 9,000 gold

9,000 gold v/s earning 1,200 gold. You can decide for yourself which is more profitable.

But of course this is the testnet and things could play out a lot different on the mainnet when it launches this is just to give you guys a gist of how to go about Prospectors. Let me know if you have any doubts in the comments.

As always, stay safe and don't get rekt.

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