EOS DNS: Use Your EOS Account Name as a Decentralized Domain Name

Published by illuminati.e 2 Jul 2019

EOS DNS: Use Your EOS Account Name as a Decentralized Domain Name

If you guys have an EOS account, you can use it as a decentralized domain on the EOS blockchain. Yes, every single account on the EOS mainnet can be used as a decentralized domain name. Credits go to EOS Cafe Blok who have developed this tool.

DNS on the internet today is controlled by 1 company which has the ability to shut down websites which they do not like. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), a non-profit organization controls all of the domains on the internet today. As a result of this, they can remove your access to a domain at any time if they are. A good reason why domains have been frozen in the past and will probably continue in the future.

The concept of EOS DNS is to build a DNS system which allows you to redirect to an existing website or use DNS to direct you directly to a server IP resulting in no centralized authority that can take your website down or prevent you from accessing a website.

EOS is definitely rebuilding the internet infrastructure up to be more secure, transparent and more decentralized. If you guys need a walk through do check out Cypherglass' video on how to set EOS DNS up.

And as always guys, stay safe and don’t get rekt.

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