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Heres why computation is more valuable than data
‘Data is the new oil’ is probably one of the most flaunted phrases used in the past.
Satoshi's Castle illuminati.e 21 Nov 2019
A comparison of vote rewarding proxies on EOSIO
This article has been taken down due to a vote-reward scandal.
Satoshi's Castle illuminati.e 8 Oct 2019
A Brief on How Block One's Digital Identity Solution Would Work
Everyone on planet earth has a right to identity, according to the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child. At a base level, identity...
Satoshi's Castle illuminati.e 26 Aug 2019
Choosing Real Estate and Business Models in Prospectors + Bonus Tip Included
Virtual real estate is definitely an intriguing concept with blockchains and Prospectors provides a thrilling case for an open and free-ma..
Satoshi's Castle illuminati.e 12 Aug 2019
Misconceptions and Types of Inflation in Cryptocurrencies
A cryptocurrencies’ digital nature provides great avenues for experimenting with monetary policies and new ways to manage inflation. They...
Satoshi's Castle illuminati.e 6 Aug 2019
DICE Launches a Bank on Their Platform! Heres Everything You Need to Know About It.
Decentralized applications on blockchains have brought to life fresh, new user experiences to online gambling where users can be individu...
Satoshi's Castle illuminati.e 26 Jul 2019
Simplifying Dan Larimer's Article on Decentralizing Governance
In DPOS chains, regular checks and balances with regards to governance are of utmost importance. The distribution of EOS’ voting power is...
Satoshi's Castle illuminati.e 10 Jul 2019
EOS DNS: Use Your EOS Account Name as a Decentralized Domain Name
If you guys have an EOS account, you can use it as a decentralized domain on the EOS blockchain. Yes, every single account on the EOS mai...
Satoshi's Castle illuminati.e 2 Jul 2019
Prospectors (PGL) Tokenomics and Governance
Tokenomics is a field that has evolved over the past couple of years, and though it’s a part of economics itself, it deals with the issui...
Satoshi's Castle illuminati.e 28 Jun 2019
Newdex Staking Pool has launched. What is it, how does it work and is it vote buying?
Today, we’re going to be talking about newdex’s staking pool called Newpos which just recently launched. So what exactly is it? It is a...
Satoshi's Castle illuminati.e 26 Jun 2019
How to get started with Prospectors with NO INVESTMENT
There's a new digital gold in the hills...virtual gold. The PGL is the token that is going to be used in the blockchain based game calle...
Satoshi's Castle illuminati.e 26 Jun 2019