Bayou Crypto Rants and Raves

Published by gm2dsnrygege 9 Sep 2019

Bayou Crypto Rants and Raves

New Blog Post for the cryptocurrency enthusiast's of the world

A new blog dedicated to those who are ready to even the playing field, if only just a bit. I have been watching crypto since it's infancy. I can remember the very first article I ever read about bitcoin in some technology magazine in like 2009. It explained the concept of bitcoin. I found it fascinating since I had recently been doing a lot of research on the Federal Reserve Bank and did not like the things I had found out. I remembering saying a prayer for this to come into fruition. I would have invested then but unfortunately the only way at the time was mining. And back then I new very little and did not have the time to learn. Mt Gox hadn't been created yet so accessibility was limited.

It crossed my path again a few years later in an article I found on the internet and WOW. In just those few years it had exploded from it's humble beginnings. Evidently, I wasn't the only one who thought this was a good idea. I made my first bitcoin purchase with 100 dollars for 18 BTC. Unfortunately, I sold these coins 6 months later instead of holding long term. Fortunately, I did sell them for 1100 dollars and brought my family on our first all out extravagant vacation. At least it was extravagant for us. My next foray into BTC investing didn't go so well and I lost 300 dollars I invested so I backed away from it again.

Then a few years later it crossed my path again. It was in late 2015 when I found an article on the Ethereum Virtual Machine and I could begin to see just what a decentralized blockchain could do for society. From this point forward I pretty much shut down all other avenue's and committed myself to learning as much as possible about this technology. At least as much as someone without formal education could learn. I spent the next four years monitoring the news, reading whitepapers, researching the teams and studying the concepts these teams are trying to implement. To say the least, I have learned a lot. I believe that where the internet gave us freedom of information, Blockchain will give us freedom of money and level the playing field that is monopolized now by Big Banks and Big Corporations.

I have watched the world's powers try and stifle it's success. I have watched as the banking interest's and payment provider's tried everything to stop it from coming to fruition. I have watched major internet companies try and stop it's progress by not allowing advertising on there platform's. I have also watched a very nascent industry begin to grow legs and walk even with all the BIG BOYS trying to cut there legs off. I have watched teams from around the world building what will be the future of commerce and it has been wonderful to see.

Through all of this watching, I have found myself wanting to thank the teams of developers making the necessary platforms and building the necessary tools. I have also wanted to oust and shout down the scammers, politicians, Corporations and less than inept teams make the industry that I have come to love look really bad. I want to express my anger at their audacity. So I am starting a blog to express my rants and raves while also informing and teaching what the future can be like if we accept the responsibility of coming together to make it so. I hope that there are those out their that will want to listen to what I have to say. If there isn't, well, that's Okay because I at least got the chance to say it.

So be on the lookout for Bayou Crypto's Rant's and Raves!!!

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