A Week in Review | The pEOS Boid Team

Published by fieldcommand 30 Sep 2019

A Week in Review | The pEOS Boid Team

It has been one heck of a week for the pEOS Boid team! We have expanded our team, moved up the rankings as well as added more tokens to the prize pool!

First, a shoutout to all the pEOS Boid team members for their willingness to contribute! Good things are in store this season on Boid!

When I published the last article, I didn't expect such overwhelming support for pEOS and our membership grew a lot faster than I expected! That goes to show you how well-loved pEOS is in general! If you don't know what pEOS is check out their website here and feel free to see my last article that introduces both Boid and pEOS.

pEOS Team Boid Power and Active Users.

As you can see from the graph above the pEOS team has continued to add members and grow the overall Boid power of the team at a substantial rate. While I expect this to curtail somewhat, we are confident that the pEOS team will continue to grow!

Currently, the pEOS Boid team had climbed to 2nd place in a little over a week! Many of the members have asked through various platforms about the rewards as they join and I have great news for you! Not only do we have 10,000 pEOS in the prize pool, but we have had some amazing donations by various community members to increase the prize pool to provide an ever-increasing incentive! Currently in the prize pool we have:

  • 10,000 PEOS

  • 1,000,000 BOID

  • 10,000 NDX

  • 100,000 PIXEOS

  • As well as physical rewards(Sneak peek at the end)

(If you would like to verify this feel free to check the peosboidpeos account on any block explorer)

Those are some crazy awards! I have been impressed with the generosity of the community! Each of these will follow the same distribution rules as pEOS outlined in the previous article. (except the physical rewards)

Now, receiving these additional rewards is great in all but what are they apart from being other EOS tokens? I am going to be highlighting some of my favorite attributes of these tokens and why I think they are pretty cool.

This article I am going to focus a little bit on NDX. NDX is the official NewDex token. NewDex is relatively self-explanatory, but in my opinion, it is one of the best-decentralized exchanges to date. The token itself has the option to stake that gives you VIP status as well as various benefits depending on how much you stake. VIP status goes from 1-10, and as you stake more, you get more rewards/benefits. One of the privileges of staking gets discount you get on the trading fee scaling as you stake more. You also get access to exclusive airdrops. So far, there are 47 and counting!

My favorite feature that I think ties in with the privacy theme of pEOS is their anonymous trading. If you stake enough to get to VIP 5, you unlock anonymous trading. This means on both buys and sales your account name will remain hidden. For traders who trade high volumes or even for users who want to retake a little bit of their privacy, I think this is invaluable.

If you are interested in the NewDex token, I would highly recommend checking it out! Also, wind up your PC's for the chance to win the 10,000 NDX in the prize pool of the pEOS Boid team!

We are also announcing a referral system! If you are on the pEOS Boid team and you get someone else to join whos Boid power reaches 1,000 you'll both get 1,000 Boid! I'll be sending out the Boid before the start of season 3!

As promised, see below what we have planned in terms of physical rewards! pEOS coffee mug stickers as well as a few heat transfer vinyls for T-shirts!

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