4 ways to get VIG tokens

Published by eoswatchdogs 21 Oct

4 ways to get VIG tokens

1.) The first way to get VIG is by AIRDROP

VIGOR Early Community Airdrop (23M VIG airdropped to 135 accounts)

EOSDAC Community Airdrop (50M VIG airdropped to 1703 accounts)

Before the VIGOR stablecoin DAC was formed into its first few months of existence there were some that understood the vision and are recognized with this airdrop as the early community of the VIGOR stablecoin project. Thank you to everyone who gave so much of their time to coordinate this effort! The amount of work that goes into building a DAC is tremendous! It wasn't until Michael Yeates (@michaelyeates) and Pieces (@kasperfish) and Luke Stokes (@lukestokes) and other superstars from eosDAC joined VIGOR, that we started to see some amazing development from the amazing devs working on this project.

This was a way to give back to the eosDAC community and our growing Telegram community for their valuable contribution to VIGOR and other DAC's that they are enabling through their hard work and dedication to EOSIO. Thank you to all the eosDAC voters!

2.) The Second and ONLY way to EARN VIG tokens is to work for them.

The DAC votes in custodians who earn vig for their contributions. Managing, and growing the community and the DAC itself is hard work, takes time and dedication. There are MANY ways YOU can fit into the VIGOR project. Find your own way using the links provided and come build the future with us!

website: https://vigor.ai/

Telegram : https://t.me/vigorstablecoin

Twitter: https://twitter.com/vigorstablecoin

3.) You can TRADE for them on Newdex.io

4.) The easiest way to get VIG is to simply join the movement.

I'm offering 100 VIG tokens to anyone who follows these simple steps:

1.) Share this article on any social media site of your choice.

2.) Post a link to your share and tag @datajunky in the telegram group

Telegram : https://t.me/vigorstablecoin

3.) Make a MEME or a GIF and get tipped VIG in the group. Create content and get TIPPED VIG tokens!

If you join the DAC, and you are looking for custodians to vote for, please consider voting for me. My eos account is eoswatchdogs and my VIGOR profile is here:


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