7 Deadly Tips to Earn SOV

Published by eospinkfloyd 1 Oct

7 'Deadly' Tips to Earn SOV

Here are 7 simple tips you need to know, try and repeat to earn SOV, the world's first variable rate self-deflationary cryptocurrency token based on EOS. Best of luck!

(Image by ePF)

1. Join SOV Telegram channel and introduce yourself briefly.

2. Never ask/beg for a tip.

3. Avatar your Telegram profile.

4. Create a meme about SOV, preferably one that sparks love and enthusiasm.

5. Post/twit your love of SOV, and link it on SOV Telegram channel.

6. Write an article about SOV on reputable sosmed and link it on SOV Telegram channel. This could potentially earn you big time!

7. Think of your own tip. Post it, or better still try it, on SOV Telegram channel.

To learn more about EOS SOV, visit: https://www.soveos.one

To join SOV Telegram channel: go to: t.me@eossov