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EOS New York eosnewyorkio 16 Oct 2019
Your EOS Account In Safe Mode
Put your EOS account in safe mode by locking down your staked EOS with a single permission that still allows you to seamlessly enjoy dApps.
EOS New York eosnewyorkio 17 Jul 2019
The Missing Piece to the EOS Incentive Model: Part 2
As a result of this proposal being implemented, we expect strong incentives to organically encourage more token-holders to vote once a week
EOS New York eosnewyorkio 17 Jun 2019
You cannot fake EOS transactions & EOS doesn't care about their intent
A response to AnChain.ai's report on bot driven activity on EOS.
EOS New York eosnewyorkio 12 Jun 2019
Testing, Testing, One, Two...
This is a test. EOS New York doesn't just love working on the EOS blockchain, we love using what's built on it too. The Decentium UX is w...
EOS New York eosnewyorkio 29 May 2019