Is Voice’s launch date hiding some meaning?

Published by eosnetworkxx 7 Dec 2019

Is Voice’s launch date hiding some meaning?'s date was finally unveiled and the heart of the EOSIO community is beating strong again. Daniel Larimer and Brendan Blumer retweeted Voice’s official Twitter account. It features the first blog post on platform - The road to beta. is aiming for a beta launch on February 14th, 2020, right on the St. Valentine’s day. Did the team choose this date because they’re romantic or there could be more to this choice? Let’s see which historic events took place on this day.

This website lists 215 events that happened on the 14th February and I won’t go through all of them. I’ll use my personal views to filter and anyone is free to apply their own filters and meaning to this day.


Space is apparently uncorrelated to Voice which is a social media platform. Yet it is a project created by, a company building the software. Its founders are deep into blockchain and cryptocurrency and have been since the beginning. The whole crypto sphere is soaked with “to the moon” messages, the rocket emojis, GIFs, and many projects choose the space theme for their graphic design.

In the past, Dan used to spend the time with the Telegram community. He’s even shared pictures of himself holding the moon, and another with a lunar lander. The crypto-community as a whole is very proactive in space matters.

For example, Ethereum’s ConsenSys is involved in the monitoring of orbits of satellites or asteroids mining projects while Blockstream is beaming bitcoin from space. Dan’s father, Stan, created BEOS, a project that allows for executing smart contracts in favorable jurisdictions thanks to nodes in satellites and on ships stationed in international waters.

It could be a pure coincidence but when Dan and Brendan announced Voice launch Space X's Falcon 9 lifted off the ground. These guys can make you dream!

From this we see that crypto and space go in pairs. Understanding how voice relates directly to space is another question. Who knows?! Maybe one day we'll use Voice for governance of space?

Historically, some space-related events happened on the 14th February. Is it possible that the 14th was chosen to commemorate any of these events ? I don’t know but it's worth taking a look at it.

1747 Astronomer James Bradley presents his discovery of the wobbling motion of the Earth on its axis to the Royal Society, London.

1894 Venus is both a morning star & evening star

1963 US launches communications satellite Syncom 1

1972 Luna 20 (Russia) launched to orbit & soft landing on Moon

1980 US launches Solar Maximum Mission Observatory to study solar flares

1989 World's 1st satellite Skyphone opens

1989 The first of 24 satellites of the Global Positioning System are placed into orbit.

1990 Space probe Voyager 1 takes a photograph of the entire solar system, the images transmitted in real-time with earth a 'pale blue dot'

USA politics

Although has its headquarters in Hong Kong and in the USA it's particularly active in the Washington D.C. area. This activity is dictated by the need to collaborate with the regulators and ensure to be working in the open and with the respect of the existing laws. The company is building relationships and expanding activities. announced lately that it extends its operations headquarters in Washington D.C. metro area where it committed to creating 170 high-skills jobs. One of the headquarters is in Blacksburg close to Washington D.C. and many developers come from Virginia Tech. Dan is a Virginia Tech alumni and holds his lectures there. Other than the location being a common denominator for Voice founders and the USA, Dan's and Brendan's comments about the governance, regulators, and voting make me think that Voice launch date on the 14th February could have been chosen because of one of the below-listed events.

1778 First recognition of “Stars & Stripes”. On this date during the American Revolutionary War, one of the first diplomatic successes of the American infant Navy took place in Quiberon Bay, France, when the Continental Navy ship RANGER, John Paul Jones, Commanding, received the first officially accorded salute to the Stars and Stripes by French Admiral La Motte Piquet. Quick to recognize the significance of this event, Jones wrote, "I accept his offer the more readily for after all it was a recognition of our independence."

1803 Chief Justice John Marshall declares that any act of U.S. Congress that conflicts with the Constitution is void. This was arguably the most important case in Supreme Court history. It was the first U.S. Supreme Court case to apply the principle of "judicial review" - the power of federal courts to void acts of Congress in conflict with the Constitution. This decision played a key role in making the Supreme Court a separate branch of government on par with Congress and the executive.
Dan designed EOSIO with the constitution in mind. He also wrote some articles on how a constitution should look like. Dan surely beliefs in the constitution as a way to govern a community. Will Voice also have one?

1899 US Congress begins using voting machines.

This event has a very strong connection with because Daniel Larimer patented a voting system based on the blockchain. There was a lot of talk about secure voting and presidential elections.

In the past, Daniel mentioned that he hopes at least a parallel election is carried out on EOSIO and that Trump’s advisors already know about He also admitted that everyone in DC wants to talk with them.

Dan Larimer is also an inventor of the Delegated Proof of Stake algorithm designed as an implementation of technology-based democracy. It uses the voting and election process to choose block producers validating transactions and producing blocks.

This historical event and a strong connection with blockchain voting could be the main reason for the choice of 14th February as the launch date for Voice.

1954 Senator John F. Kennedy appeared on "Meet the Press” where he said: “I am dissatisfied with our society. I suppose I am dissatisfied with my country.” It’s a political television show airing on NBC and since Kennedy’s appearance, it has interviewed many of the world's major newsmakers and politicians in its history and is the longest-running television show in history.

Somehow, I believe that Voice could be the new form of Meet the Press. With the backing of influential people and by giving voice to the people, Voice could become a platform for the governance of the world by the people. World leaders and public opinion expressing their voice could lead to Voice becoming a platform for major changes. I see Voice as the one being a change in itself.

Women has many women in their team and they also support TechGirls initiative of the U.S Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. It's a company nurturing the pro-women culture and the choice of the pink colour for Voice is a reflection of the feminine touch. These big events of the past that took place on 14th February support Voice's pro-women policy theory.

1870 Esther Morris appointed US' first female in Justice of the Peace in South Pass City, Wyoming, after previous justice, R.S. Barr, resigned to protest passage of Wyoming Territory's women's suffrage amendment in 1869

1870 Seraph Young becomes the first woman to legally vote in the modern United States, two days after the Utah legislature passed a law allowing women the vote.

1920 League of Women Voters forms in Chicago

The heart

One more interpretation of the St Valentine’s day choice for the launch of Voice could be that the EOSIO logo has to do with the heart. The EOSIO logo is a Chestahedron.

Frank Chester, who discovered the form of a Chestahedron found out that the Chestahedron acts as a fundamental geometric form within our earth. He also discovered that the Chestahedron is the form behind the human heart. This would put the earth and the heart in an inward relationship which is not yet understood. 14th February has also a numerological meaning 1+4+2=7. Chestahedron is a 7-sided figure.

But why chose to have a Chestahedron, the heart and the earth, as their logo is still a mystery.

Brock Pierce, who was involved with EOS at the early stage could provide an explanation to this. He said:

”The technology is just a tool. We are working on systems that have the potential to change the world, to change everything. And as we design the future, what kind of future do we want? That future is to be determined by the quality of the people who build it and the intentions by which we operate. Is what we’re doing coming from the heart, what is it that is motivating us, why are we here, why are we working on these things? It’s very important because it's the builders with the responsibility on the first line who build the systems that have the potential to cause massive potential transformations in the world. They always need to be asking themselves. Why? Why am I doing this? Preferably it’s for something more than yourself. One of the keys to happiness is going to be on the "self”, the "me" to the "we". One of the greatest keys to happiness is to start taking care of others and to live for something more than yourself.” is building for the people and has the potential to change the world. It’s the people and their hearts who count, though, and Voice is a chance for each of us to find expression by “being you”.

The choice to launch Voice on the 14th February could be linked to one of the above events, to the heart and love but it could be linked as well to something I missed here. There’s a big chance that the date is just the most probable date for the next crypto bull run so the project has more probability to succeed. I for one, want to believe that there’s some higher purpose and that the people at are the ones with good intentions and the willingness to create to change the world for the better. Time will show what Voice is all about but it will be mainly up to us to decide.