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We need change that makes Sense to trump the social media sins
Following Twitter's flagging of President Donald Trump's tweets as "potentially misleading," he signed an executive order targeting socia...
beliketheriver eosnetworkxx 7 Jun 2020
CODEX - Community Owned DEX on the YAS blockchain
CODEX is a community-owned decentralized exchange that will be launched soon on the YAS blockchain. It will be a simplified set of automa...
beliketheriver eosnetworkxx 29 Jan 2020
Do we live in a democracy?
People coming from democratic countries usually feel proud of it. They think that they live in a world where their voice counts something...
beliketheriver eosnetworkxx 25 Jan 2020
What EOS is doing wrong and why there're misconceptions around EIDOS
The EOSIO Universe is expanding and we see several chains appearing like planets on a dark sky. The YAS chain formed from an idea and dus...
beliketheriver eosnetworkxx 24 Jan 2020
Is Voice’s launch date hiding some meaning?'s date was finally unveiled and the heart of the EOSIO community is beating strong again. Daniel Larimer and Brendan Blumer ret...
beliketheriver eosnetworkxx 7 Dec 2019
How to fix REX and increase EOS adoption
The EOS Resources Exchange (REX) the main topic of debate and major concern for many community members. Transacting with few staked EOS i...
beliketheriver eosnetworkxx 29 Nov 2019
Together with privacy pEOS evolves elliptic curves cryptography in EOS
“...anyone who looked for a source of power in the transformation of the atoms was talking moonshine” Rutherford, September 1933 Privacy...
beliketheriver eosnetworkxx 10 Nov 2019
Eidos and chaos at the core of the EOS being
A brilliant idea can originate from great chaos. Chaos is how we can describe the state of the EOS community. Network congestion, users f...
beliketheriver eosnetworkxx 5 Nov 2019
EOS Worker Proposal System (WPS) being considered again
At the last EOS governance call that took place on 9th October, block producers talked about the Worker Proposal System (WPS) and resourc...
beliketheriver eosnetworkxx 25 Oct 2019
Is SECs Order to to Pay $24 Million Penalty for Unregistered ICO legitimate
On September 30, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released a statement where it declared that Block.One must pay $24 mil...
beliketheriver eosnetworkxx 2 Oct 2019
Transledger to launch the first P2P decentralized exchange & digital Canadian Dollar
Transledger is first to create a peer to peer decentralized exchange and to put the Canadian Dollar on chain. Soon, also FOREX trading
beliketheriver eosnetworkxx 30 Sep 2019
Why EOS based token contracts need immutability
EOS was born to improve things that were wrong in the early versions of blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum or even the likes like Bitshar...
beliketheriver eosnetworkxx 8 Jul 2019
Freedom of speech and the blockchain as a solution
Freedom of speech is in danger. Internet crackdown, social media moderation, suppression of the free press, journalists killing and haras...
beliketheriver eosnetworkxx 13 Jun 2019