Aneta raises awareness for blockchain technology and its application in creating solutions for a better world She was a news writer at The Cryptonomist, article writer at EOS Writer, and she writes her blog on Decentium.
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Together with privacy pEOS evolves elliptic curves cryptography in EOS
“...anyone who looked for a source of power in the transformation of the atoms was talking moonshine” Rutherford, September 1933 Privacy...
Aneta eosnetworkxx 10 Nov
Eidos and chaos at the core of the EOS being
A brilliant idea can originate from great chaos. Chaos is how we can describe the state of the EOS community. Network congestion, users f...
Aneta eosnetworkxx 5 Nov
EOS Worker Proposal System (WPS) being considered again
At the last EOS governance call that took place on 9th October, block producers talked about the Worker Proposal System (WPS) and resourc...
Aneta eosnetworkxx 25 Oct
Is SECs Order to to Pay $24 Million Penalty for Unregistered ICO legitimate
On September 30, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released a statement where it declared that Block.One must pay $24 mil...
Aneta eosnetworkxx 2 Oct
Transledger to launch the first P2P decentralized exchange & digital Canadian Dollar
Transledger is first to create a peer to peer decentralized exchange and to put the Canadian Dollar on chain. Soon, also FOREX trading
Aneta eosnetworkxx 30 Sep
Why EOS based token contracts need immutability
EOS was born to improve things that were wrong in the early versions of blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum or even the likes like Bitshar...
Aneta eosnetworkxx 8 Jul
Freedom of speech and the blockchain as a solution
Freedom of speech is in danger. Internet crackdown, social media moderation, suppression of free press, journalists killing and harassmen...
Aneta eosnetworkxx 13 Jun