The Importance of Decentralized Debate

Published by eosmaster1ng 17 Jun

The Importance Of Decentralized Debate

As many others, my gut reaction to the announcement of Voice was disappointment. However, deep down, beneath my pretty thick layer of naiveness and utopian dreams - I kinda understood that the World doesn't just change like that. Not only the powers that be, but the entire system (if you like) is so robust and so imprinted in our lives, that obviously, nothing changes over night. Most people don't adapt well to big changes. Most people, honestly, aren't able to deal with the responsibility that comes with freedom. That is one fact that other libertarian minded people like myself have to accept. But slowly, with time, things can change.

Now, I'm not going to go too deep into my political views - and I suspect no one really cares anyway. That's good. I find the EOS community to be quite diverse, yet pretty accepting. I'm friends with and communicate daily with people that hold very different opinions than myself. All of them are EOS people, and there is one thing that bonds us - the common goal of a more free and fair world. No, I don't fundamentally care so much about someone in India, Germany or Russia..or ten my neighbour to be honest. But what I DO know, is that the more people that have opportunity and prosperity, the better they can serve humanity - and that includes me. Imagine all the people around the world that is inhibited by the current system. Now, I call it quasi-communism, socialism, globalism. You might call it Capitalism. I can agree, if you add crony to that.

Nevertheless. More importantly right now, in these days of censorship and the political correctness that is plaguing the Western World especially, what we are lacking are platforms for rational objective opinions. I'm sure a lot of people share my view on this. You know what I'm talking about. Everyone's a nazi, everyone is a bigot. Everyone is triggered and offended. And the big tech companies and social media outlets are for whatever reason supporting that. I'm not going to rant about why I think that is. I'm sure you have your opinion about it. But the fact is that it is happening.

In former Soviet the year long (generational) brain washing of people led to things like self censorship and social ostracism. Back then they also sent people to the Gulag.. Today, you don't need to do that. Since we all live our lives more or less digitally (especially if you want to have a voice) they can effectively just depersonalize you. Meaning, things like shadowbanning you from social media, creating false narratives about you as well as false allegations. Whoops, your Youtube channel is no longer recommended and your neighbours won't say hello to you anymore. You are a no-person and your voice is no longer important.

Most people however, are not ready to take that risk. Although they have a lot on their heart, they also have a lot IN their heart. Kids, family, a job. Not being willing to risk that is understandable. And it is really not so much the government we are afraid of these days. It is mostly crazy individuals or groups that run their errand. You simply just don't want to risk people drawing nazi all over your house or stalk your kids on their way to school just because you wrote a fact on Facebook. My ideas and thoughts don't travel far. I am no one in particular. But in todays climate, I face social ostracism just for airing my ideas. But I DO need some outlet. And blogging notably mostly about EOS and crypto, but also sometimes weaving in politics, I'm able to air my thoughts. This has turned out to be a great thing for me mentally as well as socially. I've met so many great people in EOS - despite having different opinions from most of them.

So a social network like is not for them. But perhaps Decentium is? The great thing about Blockchain and particularly EOS is that anything is possible. We can have competing social platforms..and not even competing ones, just ones serving different needs. Voice will be great change to onboard people into Blockchain, which is just as important.

The deplatforming of Youtube and Facebook creators is a modern day book burning event. If EOS can be a platform that can help prevent this, I would be proud to participate.

I am really happy and excited for Decentium. Also Dan Larimer is talking about a "200% decentralised social network" which is great. So let's see where this can take us! Now we have Decentium, a pure decentralised blogging platform with Scatter login, and we also do have which is not decentralised (yet) but anonymous enough.

If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading. There is no comment fields here (yet?) but if you want to debate further or you are a content creator - consider joining CryptoPilots. A crypto-community of content creators. Our goal is to help great content creators get their content more visible.

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