Time to Invest in Vigor Platform

Published by dorthykadore 20 Jun 2020

Time to invest in Vigor Pplatform

Vigor is a decentralized autonomous (dac) community that builds its Vigor Protocol on the EOSIO blockchain.

It’s activities are governed by the top 21 custodian members that are voted for by the registered dac candidates. The level of interest in the Vigor protocol is growing as a result of the increase in the number of interested DAC members that wish to manage the affairs of the platform. At the time of writing, there are about 159 dac candidate members

Vig token is the token that is used for activities in the community such as reward for the top 21 custodian members, dac registered candidate members, lenders etc.

To learn more about the Vigor platform, you can visit any of the links below as the social platforms are also active.




To vote for a Dac custodian member you can visit my profile : https://dac.vigor.ai/profile/dorthykadore

Telegram: wis135