September update – Granita

Published by decentiumcrw 24 Sep 2019

Decentium September update

We are back and recharged after a summer break and happy to present the latest iteration of Decentium, here's the rundown:


We have released a JavaScript library for interacting with Decentium. The library makes it easy for developers to integrate Decentium into their website or app, or even build their own custom frontend.

The library is released under the MIT license and is available on GitHub.

RSS feeds

Now you can follow any blog or trending topic via our brand new open-source feed service that renders RSS, Atom & JSON feeds directly from a blockchain node (using decentium.js of course!).

You can either run your own copy of the service or use the default one that is graciously sponsored by Greymass using their insanely fast infrastructure to render your feeds in a blink of the eye. If you haven't already go and vote for teamgreymass as EOS block-producer or proxy your vote to greymassvote to support them and other technical teams that invest 100% of their block rewards back into the ecosystem.

The service uses the same URL scheme as so for any page just replace with Or simply go to an authors page and click the subscribe button under the profile.

That's it for now! Subscribe to our RSS feed for future updates :)

Peace & Love,
The Decentium team

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