June update – The Ventriloquist

Published by decentiumcrw 11 Jun 2019

Welcome to Decentium Beta 2 "The Ventriloquist"

Since the initial beta release of Decentium we have been hard at work fixing bugs and adding features. If you missed our introduction post you can find it here:

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Stronger, better, faster.

More than 50 commits, many bugs have been squashed and UI has been improved, especially on mobile. Here are the highlights.

Simpler URLs

On Decentium authors are in focus and we want the the URLs to reflect that as well. We are dropping the x/ prefix for user pages and instead putting all the application specific pages under the i/ prefix.

Profiles are now accessible at https://decentium.org/accountname and articles under https://decentium.org/accountname/title-slug.

Some names are reserved for security reasons however, for example if you where to register the premium EOS name favicon.ico your URL would be https://decentium.org/_favicon.ico.

Editing articles

But how can I edit something published to an immutable ledger? you might ask. The answer to that is that you don't actually edit the original but publish an update to the article that is then resolved when it is displayed.

The article as originally published and the trail of edits will always be visible on the chain.

Trending algorithm

We have tweaked the trending algorithm to let endorsed content stay on top longer. Now an article endorsed with 1 EOS will stay above an article with no endorsements for two days compared to before when it would stay on top for only twelve hours.

Better drafts

The editor now supports working on multiple drafts simultaneously and since they are stored locally in your browser we have added the ability to export and import them.

Wallet integrations

We have added support for EOS Lynx and Token Pocket as well as improved the stability when using a Ledger.

Removed annoying popups and tracking cookies

Just kidding, they never existed in the first place!

Next up

What we are working on now.

What you see is what you mean

Improving the editor and what content you can post: video and music embeds, more formatting options and IPFS image uploading.

Keeping readers updated

We are working on a RSS feed service as well as opt-in email and telegram updates. These will be rolled out as stand-alone services that we will deploy but can also be deployed by the community.

Endorsements and predictable income

We are expanding the endorsement system to allow authors to be endorsed. Think Patreon but with a pre-paid account instead of monthly charges. For example you will be able to endorse an author with 10 EOS and their next ten posts will automatically be endorsed for 1 EOS when published.

World Peace,
The Decentium team

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