Message to EIDOS Community

Published by cryptomaneos 22 Jun 2020

Message to EIDOS Community

Dear Community,

AP launched New codex on both EOS & YAS network.

If you are reading this means either you are part of EIDOS community or you must be familiar with EIDOS.

when first codex was launched we came in and provided huge liquidity and supported AP, what ever the reason but codex went down and now we are holding EIDOS. I also own EIDOS and YAS because I trusted on AP.

Now Codex is back on EOS mainnet, This time we have to provide liquidity with a strategy so I came up with an idea with this we can decide the future of EIDOS.

If you are holding EIDOS, that means you saw some future in it, you saw some freedom in it. But just holding EIDOS in our account doesn't bring the value until it satisfies its whole purpose.

EIDOS whole purpose is to turn EIDOS into liquidity token. So I am asking everyone to do something to EIDOS.

Before I propose something, we have to analysis what happened last time and how we fight with our failures.

  1. who ever provided liquidity to codex, they provided it while price of EIDOS is at high.

  2. All the new mining tokens ended in the codex, at least most of them. it caused recycling of EIDOS.

we were not able to beat the inflation & mining recycling.

so this time I am proposing something no one usually do it.


Shot EIDOS, yes you heard me right sell EIDOS in newdex or whaleex. if you are holding 1 million EIDOS, sell half a million or any quantity you wish.

now buy LP tokens with EOS or other paired tokens along with EIDOS you are holding.

I am asking everyone to start EIDOS with lower price before entering Codex.

or you can simply buy LPs with EOS token or other pairing tokens and provide liqudity to codex with EIDOS & pair tokens.

Step2 :

Once we own LPs of each pairing relays, then propose to burn the fees generated in the form of EIDOS, by burning the fees we can fight the coming inflation and if we hit with large volume of EIDOS more, more EIDOS get burned (it is just an optional).

I am not asking anyone to do it or follow it as their strategy but just holding EIDOS in accounts never achieve what it is meant for it.

Either EIDOS goes up or you end up with more EIDOS.

And if you want to see EIDOS with better price and better liquidity, As a EIDOS token holders we have to develop EIDOS. We have to make EIDOS 10X or 1/2X with our actions so do take some action and decide the future of EIDOS.

AP did his part to provide better codex, it is our turn to make it happen.